Your online reputation is more important now than ever before. The typical web surfer is smart enough to know now that they can generally find dirt on just about any company without hardly even trying. The more expensive your product or service is, the more you’ll have people online looking for reviews of your company.

Integrity and Honesty are Not Enough

Although your company might be the best in the business, and act with integrity at all times, you’re still going to have dissatisfied customers occasionally as well as disgruntled employees that would love to get revenge online.

So, what can be done When you have negative reviews and malicious content that slams your company, and urges people to stay away from you?

How We Help You Counter Negativity:

Set Up Alerts to See What People Are Saying About Your Brand
Respond to Reviews Quickly
Encourage Your Customers to Write You Positive Reviews
Promote Positive Reviews & Try to Bury the Negative
Make it Easy for Customers to File a Complaint in “Private”
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