Refer a Friend, Recieve a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Here’s How: 

When you share Netmark with a friend and they sign on to work with us, you’ll get a $300 Amazon gift card and they’ll get high ROI Google AdWords.

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Here’s How it Works:

  • Refer someone who would like to increase their ROI with Google Adwords
  • We’ll get in contact with them and you
  • When they sign, we’ll send you a $300 Amazon gift card
  • It’s that simple

With Netmark’s Adwords Managment you can trust that:

  • Every account is managed by a certified Adwords specialist
  • We maintain a premium relationship with Google. Our team members meet with them weekly to review accounts here at Netmark and strategize together to give you the best results possible.
  • Communication and reporting will be clear, precise and transparent
  • You’ll receive a strategic, ROI-focused keyword plan
  • Every month your campaign will be continually optimized and refined based on data

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