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The Netmark Toolshed

At Netmark, we saw a we’re very proud of the technology we’ve been able to develop. Our firm has all kinds of internet marketing tools, we cover everything from keywords to team collaborating.

The History

Netmark made the decision in 2009 to begin developing its own internet marketing technologies after a long string of disappointments with 3rd party software. At the time, and this is still true today, most of the technology didn’t exist or wasn’t nearly adequate for our company’s needs. Plenty of web data is available through 3rd party tools, but it’s almost always lacking. Unfortunately, nearly all of the tools on the web provide their results in a raw data format. This leaves the internet marketer making their own interpretations which isn’t very helpful because it leaves them with no frame of reference for comparisons. Our tools harvests web data, analyzes it and makes comparisons. We turn web data into something meaningful and useful.

Current Status

When our development team began creating tools in 2009 we had no idea we’d ever offer them to the general public. With only the Netmark internet marketer in mind, we built our tools for number junky marketing geeks. The outcome was several awesome internet marketing tools an expert could use and understand, but not a novas, everyday internet marketer.

Good News! In February of 2011 our firm made the decision to release a lot of our proprietary technology to the general public. As the saying goes, “good things take time,” and that’s certainly the case here. In order to make our tools readily available for novas users, we not only had to make them look awesome, but we also had to redevelop them in way that would simplify their use. We wanted even grandma to be able to use and understand them.

The process has been long, but we’re almost done. Because we’re so close to their public release, we’ve decided to include some of our tools in this version of our website, but they’re not quite ready for use.

What Now?

If you haven’t already done so, please sign-up for a FREE ACCOUNT. We’ll notify you by email as soon as each tool becomes available. Expect to hear from us soon.

Other Tools

Netmark also has several tools that assist in project management, team member communication, client reporting, and client communication.

For more information about the projects Netmark is currently working on, please call 208.522.1016. We’re glad to hear from you.

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