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10 Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Business

Since 2007, Netmark.com has worked with a variety of clients, building our wide scope of knowedge through hands on experince. From that experience we have learned some tips that will help a small business accelerate their digital marketing presence. The marketing team interviewed our CMO, Dan Morley, and asked what tips businesses would need that will save them time and money. What we learned were the top mistakes that are likely costing your business thousands and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy this treat from us!

  1. Social Media Marketing: Like It, Love It, and Move on to Engagement
  2. Don’t Choose the Wrong Social Platform
  3. Don’t Design for Beauty, Design for Relevance
  4. Don’t Misplace Your Call to Action
  5. Don’t Forget Ongoing Maintenance of a Site
  6. Don’t Forget Your Strategy
  7. Keywords and Igniting Your Website
  8. Don’t Have Spammy Links
  9. Don’t Forget to Update Keywords
  10. Don’t Ignore Your Social Media

# 1 Social Media Marketing: Like It, Love It, and Move on to Engagement

Just like any kid opening a present, putting your business on a social media platform is exciting. Your energy rises, as you carefully watch each new “Like” show up and, in your mind, you are the most popular business on the web. While your attention is on gaining a “thumbs up” or other social metric, you are missing out on the real purpose of social media, that is, engagement. As the proud owner of your social media, be the one that interacts with, provides for, and invites both your current and potential followers. Engagement can include posting relevant content such as images, quotes, funny memes, or calls to action that contributes to the strategy and goals for your business.

# 2 Don’t Choose the Wrong Social Platform

As important as engagement is, your choice of social platform will be just as vital. Just like you wouldn’t send your beautiful Ferrari on an off roading trip, each platform serves a different purpose, and is more valuable to different businesses. A platform such as Yik Yak is not going to bring as many followers to your Dental Practice as will putting daily teeth cleaning on your Twitter page. Research, and discover the social platforms that will utilize both time and money effectively.

#3 Don’t Design for Beauty, Design for Relevance

Have you ever bought food because it appeared delicious, but once you take your first bite, it was gross? Now think of a user on a website. Most of them have probably never been to your site before. It may look beautiful, but they can’t find the relevant information they are looking for. When this happens, conversion on your website will go down, and bounce rates will increase. Beauty is good, but it is even better when it complements the relevant content users are looking for. Have a beautifully relevant website, and users will value your service.

# 4 Don’t Misplace Your Call to Action

train station
Remember: if the train has left the station, it’s too late to say, “All aboard!”. The majority of users engaging on your website, are not going to take the time to scroll down enough to see a Call to Action at the bottom of your website. Learn what your users are looking for, and engage them more quickly. This builds trust and confidence between you and the user.

# 5 Don’t Forget Ongoing Maintenance of a Site

“The biggest mistake that companies make when they have a new website is they don’t maintain it. It’s like a knife, it looses it’s edge and sharpness if it doesn’t get sharpened over time. A website gets sharpened over time with fresh, relevant content.” As Netmark CMO Dan Morley advised, keep your website up-to-date, sharp, and filled with the relevant content.

# 6 Don’t Forget Your Strategy

Any zombie apocalypse survivor has a good strategy, and so should you. Having a strategy for your website and social media helps you, as the business owner, find the users you are looking for and meet their needs. Imagine being a lost user in a huge world called the World Wide Web. All they want is the relevant content that will meet their needs. Having that superb strategy will meet their needs, build trust, and bring conversion.

# 7 Keywords and Igniting Your Website

dance party
People are searching the internet like they are looking for a good party. The party with the loudest, most familiar music will have the best turn out. Keywords are the music that bring users to your website. When a user is looking for a gym program, the keywords: Tubular, Concrete, or Totally Best, although they may describe your service or product, will not be what invites the user. If you use general keywords, users will be satisfied, and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will improve.

# 8 Don’t Have Spammy Links

A rat that gets in the back door is not a visitor you would let stay. When it comes to maintaining a website there are backdoors created when spam websites link their sites to yours. Similar to a rat, it is an unseen visitor but with the right tools it is relatively easily disposed of. At Netmark, this is one of our concerns for your business website and we use the best programs to clear up these bad backlinks. If you do not take care of these it will make your site less credible and take down its ranking in search engines because it gives them the appearance of a spammy website.

# 9 Don’t Forget to Update Keywords

Using current keywords is a must for a website. If your keywords are out of date, it would be like showing off your high school clunker car and expecting others to still be impressed. When it comes to maintaining keywords, it is like the rest of the digital world, it needs to stay current. After a while new fads can come which will be the phrases people are looking for, but eventually those fads rotate out, with new ones taking their place in the top Google AdWords as keywords. By keeping keywords modern and searchable, it will keep your site near the top of searches, helping your SEO.

# 10 Don’t Ignore Your Social Media

As stated in our first section, engagement interacts with, provides for, and invites followers. As a fresh beginner on social media, you might create an impressive post that provides great engagement, but if that engagement ends, followers will often drop off. It is important to keep building momentum with consistent engagement on your social platforms. You don’t need to be on your profile every hour, but posting, tweeting, or scoping on a consistent basis for your followers will keep your presence thriving.


Edited By:  Paige Anthony, Eric P. Stoddard

10 Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Business