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December 9, 2015
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December 18, 2015

3 Tools to Optimize Your Site for Mobile


This year was the first in history that mobile use has surpassed desktop and laptop use, and with Google’s update nicknamed  “Mobilegeddon” has changed the way that websites are crawled and thus the way that they appear in Google’s Search results. In today’s Periscope we discussed three tools that will help your site to be successful in an increasingly mobile world.

  1. Google’s Mobile Friendly Test The first step in the process of finding out how your mobile site sits with Google is heading to this link and letting the site analyze how mobile friendly your website is. It will go through your site and then tell you “Awesome! This page is mobile friendly!” or it will say, “” and then will list some points to improve it for mobile. It is critical to get the site approved by Google for mobile because if it is not then it will not show up on Google’s mobile search results.
  2. Google’s Page Speed Insights– This is a tool that will help you look at how fast the loading time is for each of your pages and what you can do to make the page load more quickly. Ideally you would want your website to load very fast across all platforms and this is one way to do it.
  3. Pull out your device and check it yourself– (Sorry no link for this one) when testing your mobile design there is a lot of insight to be gained just by pulling out your own device and checking it yourself. You can see what is working and what does work. When doing this however, make sure you are as unbiased as possible with your own work. If you want to really take it to the next level, tell someone else to do a certain action on your site and see how quickly they are able to do it.

Other Links Mentioned:

  1. Elegant Themes: This was a website mentioned on the Scope that has WordPress themes build so that they will work beautifully through out all devices.
  2. 18 Best picture compression tools:  Here is a guide to tools that can help compress your photos.

As a bonus here are some excerpts that I enjoyed from the related articles at the end of this post:

People don’t want a stripped down set of content. Instead, they want quick and easy access to the materials they need on whatever device they happen to be using. Thus, while you want to optimize your site, landing pages, emails, etc. for micro-moments, you do not want to force visitors into a box from which they cannot escape.

Make Your Website Easy to Use By

  1. Use large, easy-to-read text.
  2. Use large, clear images.
  3. Keep layouts simple.
  4. Use large, mobile-friendly calls-to-action.

From: Beyond Responsive Design: How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

  1. Make it easy for customers
  2. Measure the effectiveness of your website by how easily mobile customers can complete common tasks
  3. Select a mobile template, theme or design that’s consistent for all devices (i.e., use responsive web design).

From: What are the top three things I should know when making a site for mobile devices?


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What are the top three things I should know when making a site for mobile devices? : This is an article from the Google Developer site it’s self and it goes through common mistakes made by people making mobile sites and tips on what to do.

How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users : This is an article that helps you to have a framework of what elements to include on your website if you want it optimized for the mobile experience.



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