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October 12, 2015
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November 2, 2015

The Five Stages of a Periscope Broadcast

If you didn’t catch the live broadcast you can watch it here:

Stage .5) Pre-Post- This stage is very important for choosing the topic, title and hashtags. These are crucial for having your post optimized to be shared in later stages.

Stage 1) Replay- Because of how periscope works the intial part of any broadcast is very lonely and it is the stage that you want to engage your replay viewers.

Stage 2) Notification- In this stage you begin building viewership, it is an excellent time to get to know your followers and welcome them onto the scope.

Stage 3) Content- This is where your following begins to peak out and you begin sharing your message. This is the best time to ask for shares and to make your pitch because it is the time when the most people are on the scope. If you can explain the why people should share clearly, you can move back into the notification stage and continue to build your following.

Stage 4) Post Content- This is the time after your content is shared and there is still continued conversation. This is a good time to learn what people valued and understood from what you shared.

Stage 5) Close- How you end your broad cast.