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5 Free Resources for Learning Digital Marketing

A girl that is super happy to learn digital marketing

A Few Brief Thoughts on “Free”

Second only to the word “buffet”, “free” is my favorite word and I am sure it holds a special place within your heart as well. Here is a list of my five favorite free resources for learning digital marketing.


5 Free Resources for Learning Digital Marketing

  1. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification– In my opinion Hubspot is the king of amazing free content for marketers, I love the courses they have put together, they help you to get a solid framework for successful inbound marketing efforts. A bonus for taking their course is that they will give you certification when you pass their test, which looks spiffy on a job resume.
  2. Smart Passive Income Podcast– If you have not yet listened to this podcast, you have to! Pat Flynn does an amazing job of showing you how to be successful as an internet entrepreneur. He is fun, funny, creative and insightful.
  3.– Ok, this one is only semi-free, meaning that it is only free for the first 10 days (but you can still get a lot done in 10 days.) is a website that has an hands-on tutorial for just about everything that you can possibly imagine relating to business and software. Each course is professionally made and logical. It has personally saved me hundreds of YouTube hours searching for something that is actually beneficial.
  4. Audible- Have you ever used Audible? It is an audio-book company that gives you one book a month for $15. The free part of this is that the first month they offer a free book to you, and they will allow you to cancel so you get the book with no cost (if you don’t get addicted.) Personally I love it! And, if I were you, a great audio-book to pick up for digital marketing would be “Platform” by Micheal Hyatt.
  5. Russell Brunson– One of the true thought leaders on selling online is Russell Brunson, if you sign up for his email list, especially for the flag ship product “Click Funnels” you get some amazing free training on how to build a sales funnel that actually works. Also, his “free plus shipping” book, “Dot Com Secrets”  is amazing.

There you have it, five free ways to learn about digital marketing.

Speaking of Free…

Here is a free E-Book that can help you build a social media strategy from the ground up (complete with worksheets, resources lists, and step by step instructions.)

Image of a social media marketing plan ebook


Inside this eBook you’ll get:

 A step by step guide to make a social media marketing strategy
Lists and links to resources to make your social media life easier
An easy to use worksheet to organize your thoughts
and much  more!


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