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January 7, 2009
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February 3, 2009

A Few Need to Know Tips for Blog Posting

Over the last while I have been asked time and time again for some good advice for posting blogs. The reality is that there are many different views on what you can do when you post a blog that will give you a little more credit. You may have been on to social networks such as www.myspace.com, www.facebook.com, www.blogspot.com, or even the ever popular www.wordpress.org, and seen different people blog posts. Here are a few tips that I have practiced and found from my own personal experience that you should use when posting a blog.

  • Good headlines: Use a headline that reveals the point of the article without much further reading. Keep in mind the headline may be read in an RSS reader, a news portal (which aggregates content), a search result, your blog archive, a bookmark, and so on. It may be surrounded by dozens of other headlines. Make it stand out.
  • Inverted pyramid: First, get to the point and mention the core ideas, then fill in the details in later paragraphs. The first and second sentence should allow people to decide if they want to continue reading this. Get to the point quickly.
  • First link: Is the one most people click on, so it should also be the main link for your article. Also, too many links too close to each other diffuse your point and make you less of a filter, and a (news) blog should always be a filter for others.
  • Global audience: It’s never a good idea to only use sophisticated words not everyone may know. Some of your readers may speak English only as second language. They may want to learn new words, but it shouldn’t come at the price of missing your post’s point.
  • Spell Check: Your posts, and read them for clarity once or twice before posting. An error now and then isn’t bad but the fewer errors, the more quickly people will be able to read, understand, and respect your article.
  • MAKE IT INTERESTING! If your article is just plain facts but nothing important, then no body really cares. Make sure you write articles that people want to read.
  • Write a Personal experience: Blog posts that come from stories are always interesting especially if you can show you learned a point from it. To tell it from a first person perspective always keeps people interested to find out what happens.

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