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May 28, 2009
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June 5, 2009

Achieving top Rankings – Number one in Google


Many new web site owners wonder how they will attract visitors to their newly designed web site. Achieving top rankings is not something that is usually included with their thoughts. Getting number one in Google, or at least the first 10 listings within Google’s search engine results should be their main focus, but usually isn’t. That’s

That’s where we come into play; we love to optimize websites, new or old, to rank number on in Google and achieve top rankings in the three major search engines; Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There are many ways, both advanced and basic, to create, design, and deploy a web site so it will naturally do well within the search engine results. Achieving top ranks in the three major search engines is not an over night ordeal. Once the ground work has been completed, such as:

Proper Meta tag use

Keep the title and description focusing on the specific page””s topic. Do not add fluff or keyword stuffing as this will get you into trouble. Try to sum up the <title> tags in 5-7 words.

Image Optimization

Name the images within a page to describe the content. Use proper alt tags and title tags for the images. Adding text before and after an image, that support the image description, will help the image rank within Google’s image search, or the new Google Universal Search results.

Content / On-page Text (Content is King!)

Need we say more? Keep the focus of a single page on target. Make sure not to branch out into many different directions. Once you’ve said everything about the topic at hand, move on to another page and branch out from there.

Links, both Inbound and Outbound

Search engines know where your pages link to, and who links to your page. A good internal and external linking structure, and plan, will work to your advantage. Keep the anchor text focused, use variations of anchor text, and you’ll be off to a good start.

There can be 50, even 100 more elements involved with getting top rankings in the search engines, but the above listed are the core elements that every page has to incorporate to get to the prized “number one in Google” position.

Every Page has it’s Own Story

SEO web design companies like Netmark focus on modifying (or creating from scratch) a web site using the various techniques listed above. We design landing pages, modify existing web pages, optimize images, and more with a single focus in mind; every page has it’s own story. The old saying “content is king” holds true with this philosophy. Every page’s text / content should reflect a single “theme” or topic, not broad enough to where the page is going into deep levels of explanation about various topic. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll remember the quote “stay on target, stay on target”. Nothing could be more true when designing a web page to your road to getting number one in Google.

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Achieving top Rankings – Number one in Google