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February 2, 2016
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Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

Book Summary

Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich is a book written by the famous copy writer David Garfinkel that explores more than 50 headlines that have proved successful in the past and goes into the logic behind why each of them works.

In this book summary we pulled out just a few of our favorite tips to help you get your emails opened, your ads clicked on and your blogs read.




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    Rules of Thumb to write a winning headlineblogging-15968_1920


    1) Start where your reader is: 

    Most people writing copy start where they are, this is a big mistake, unless you are selling to peers – people who are as knowledgeable about what you are selling as you are (which is rarely the case). Typically, starting where your reader is means, focusing on the biggest benefit of your product or service.

    2) Look at the end result your reader wants-

    People aren’t buying what you’re selling, they’re really buying what it can do for them. “Their customers weren’t buying grass seed from the company; ‘They’re buying greener lawns’ What is your greener lawn?

    3) Spell out how what your selling provides the solution to a problem or the attainment of a desire- 

    Once you know where your readers are and what end result they’re looking for, figure out what’s on their mind that would lead them to wanting what you have. Chances are very good it’s either something that’s bothering them, or something they have a strong, persistent desire for, but they haven’t been able to get yet.

    laptop-958239_19204) Determine how aware your prospects are of their problem and/or desire- 

    Two steps will help you zero-in on this important factor. The first is to talk to people in your target market and find out what is on their mind. The second step is to figure out how the consequences or implications of this problem are showing up in their lives.

    5) Bear in mind how many of your competitors your prospect is aware of- 

    The more people in your market know about other competitors, the more work you have to do in differentiating what you have to offer.. Highlight your best differentiating benefit in your headline.



    Examples of Headlines that work

    “Build a body that you can be proud of” 

    Why does it work? Most people are sercretly dissatisfied with some aspect of their life. This headline offers a way out.

    How it can be adapted:  Have a ____ you can be proud of.



    “Do you make these mistakes in English?” 

    Why does it work? Because everyone wants to avoid mistakes. Bring up how your product prevents these mistakes.

    How it can be adapted:  Do you make (service that you provide) mistakes? 


    “Speak Spanish Like a Diplomat” 

    Why does it work? Because it appeals to the basic human need from self-improvement. It challenges a reader to perform at the level of a world class master.

    How it can be adapted:  (Do activity) like (world class practitioner of this activity)


    “How to Win Friends and Influence people”

    Why does it work? There is a implied cause and effect relationship between benefits one and two. “Win Friends” and “Influence people.

    How it can be adapted: How to (first benefit) to (second benefit)


    Formula for Great Copy After the Headline


    a) Talk about the pain or desire you’ve just identify in the headline and tell why it will get worse if they do nothing about it – If you have done your job right with the headline, you have created more than just cueconomy-904567_1280riosity, you’ve created a desire to buy from you. So in the first part of the copy, show them why their problems will not improve without taking the right course of action. And if you’ve selected the right title, your product is the right course of action.

    b) Prove why you can provide the solution to their problem. It is well known that people do business with those that they know like and trust. Use the next part of the content to show why you are the right fit to their particular problem, help show them that they can trust you.

    c) Directly invite the reader to contact you, and tell exactly how to do that. Rarely does anyone take the action you are hoping for without you directly asking them. When your prospect has read through your copy, they are primed and need to know what to do next, make it easy for them by telling them exactly how to contact you.



    In this power point you’ll get:

    Rules to write a winning headlines

    Ready to uses headline templates

     and more!










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