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August 16, 2013
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Are you taking risks for that extra life?

Are you taking risks for that extra life?

Alright, this may take you back several years… or maybe just to yesterday. Picture this: You are sitting down playing one of your favorite video games, for example, let’s say: “Super Mario Brothers” on the original Nintendo. You are having a great time playing but then trouble hits and you keep dying and dying. So now, there’s all the effort to get the extra life, that “1up”. These are always in the most awkward spots, so, chances are, you’ll die again just trying to get one. But most players keep trying and trying until it’s found. Although you have died several times, if that goal of getting a “1up” has been achieved, it feels really good. And it should feel good, those things were hard to get!

Sometimes social media marketing is like a video game. We know where the “1up” is, we try to go for it, and sometimes fail, but we keep trying. We need to keep trying for that “1up” in social media because when we finally get it, it feels oh so good. This “1up” symbolizes many of our social media goals; which seem and sometimes are, very difficult to achieve. These goals could be striving for a certain number of followers by a certain date, or getting more people to click on your posts. So, we need to be a like a stubborn gamer and keep trying and trying until we accomplish them.

We set goals then follow through, even if it means we fail at times along the way. Taking risks and failing can be great learning experience. As a gamer understands through trial and error, you will eventually find a tactic that works, but only by trying and trying again, until you become so practiced at the technique that the task can be easily accomplished every time.

We need to practice, over and over, new techniques and tactics to become social media masters, much like we were masters at “Super Mario Brothers”. Set your goal, and be willing to make it risky, going into those awkward spots for the elusive “1up”. Once you achieve that “1up” in social media marketing continue to set those “1up” goals, earning more and more until you cap out at 99 lives. With that many lives, you have shown yourself and others that you are at the top of your game, and you can show others your masterful skills.

Set goals; learn from your failures, and practice, practice, practice.

What are you willing to do to get your 1up?

If want to know more on what you can do with your social media, feel free to contact me.

About the Author: Barry Ricks is the Dungeon Master of Social Media, he works for Netmark, an online marketing company, doing social things for them. Barry loves being involved in the social media universe and tries to be involved as much as possible, striving to learn more and more. Barry is a Geek at heart and enjoys being a part of that universe as well. If you’re interested in what Barry has to say on many other things or you want to say hi, go follow him on Twitter @Bricks2312 and also on Google+


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