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October 26, 2009
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November 3, 2009

Better Google Rankings and Top Google Rankings Bring Traffic!

There are many businesses on the internet that are not being found period. One of the main reasons this is the case is because most businesses don’t have a website optimized to get Top Google Rankings. Google’s specific algorithm in ranking websites from #1 through thousands or even millions consists on many factors. The two largest factors (and fairly broad) are how relevant and how important are you when it comes to a specific keyword.

Better Google Rankings is one way that will substantially improve the amount of business that you will see from solid search engine optimization. Google has reported that 42% of searchers will click on the #1 ranking which makes the #1 spot for a keyword very coveted. It is critical however that you have top Google rankings for keywords that are relevant to your industry as well as have quality monthly internet users searching for those keywords.

There are many companies out there that claim that they can get you top Google rankings, but be leery as to what they are promising. Good quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires patience. Any company that has a selling point on getting you to the #1 ranking in 30 days might be something to strongly beware of. There is no question that the right technique and strategy can potentially make that happen, but it usually comes at a major financial cost. It’s true, most of the time getting you to have top Google rankings takes time and energy.

To get better Google rankings, my first piece of advice is to search for the right company. Just like any other industry, there are many who will make large promises, but ultimately fail to deliver results. There are some key questions you should ask. See this earlier SEO blog post about questions to ask.

Look for companies that are reputable and can show you results with case studies from previous and current clients. These companies are ones that can show you results that are expected without over promising and under delivering. Your website is a critical part of your business in the online world and getting Better Google Rankings can show your customers that you are a leader in the industry and you can deliver to their needs.

For more information on SEO and other forms of internet marketing, check out the rest of our informative website. Most of our tips and tricks will help you to get those top Google rankings you’ve been dreaming about 🙂