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March 15, 2016
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May 2, 2016

Micheal Hyatt’s Platform: A guide for anyone with something to say or sell

Book Summary

In Platform Micheal Hya
  1. Visibility-  A stage in which your are elevated above the crowd
  2. Amplification- Heard above the crowd and extends your reach
  3. Connection- Bilateral engagement between you and your fans


To quote it’s subtitle, Platform is “a step by step guide for anyone who has something to say or sell.” The premise of the book is that in order to be successful in a digital era you need to follow his simple formula, a compelling product + platform = success.


What are the key takeaways?

“It’s the product, stupid” 

He makes it clear in the initial chapter of the book that  “You can’t spend enough money or be clever enough to overcome a lack of word of mouth marketing.” And that word of mouth marketing can only come by a product that really excites people. To help the readers he gives five questions that he calls the how of wow:

  1. What is the product or experience I want to create into a wow?
  2. How will the customer or prospect feel as a result of the experience?
  3. What are the typical expectations the customer brings to this experience?
  4. What does failing to meet  these expectations?
  5. What does it take to exceed these expectations? 

Essentially the goals is to make everyone of your clients, see use your product and look like this guy:




Get Endorsements From People Within your Industry 

Here are five tips on how to get endorsements

  1. Create an exceptional product
  2. Make a prospect list of who you want as endorsements (think big)
  3. Leverage one endorsement to get the next
  4. Ask for the endorsement: Get to the point
  5. Provide guidance samples and a deadline then offer the entire product
  6. Ask for it within a week, display the endorsement into sound bites.



Start a blog

  1. Be consistent with your blog
  2. Make exceptional content
  3. Guest blog on other people’s platforms
  4. Make sure to meta tags
  5. Ask people to subscribe to your RSS feed.









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