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Cheap SEO: Why You Get What You Pay For

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The Myth of Cheap SEO

Tell me honestly. Is your dream of SEO the following: ‘I will pay for someone to do SEO  if and when I am on the front page of Google for X keyword, not a moment sooner?’

In theory, this cheap SEO plan sounds fantastic, even noble, it could come from a deep part of you that wants to “put SEO firms back in their place.” It could even be you emotionally hoisting the flag, “no one shall rip off me.”

Here’s the deal though, there is a major issue with the premise of this arrangement.

SEO firms are a third party to Google, the legitimate ones cannot “guarantee” rankings, in fact, I would be suspicious of any company that promises you first page rankings for keywords (I’m not alone in that opinion either here are some articles discussing the reasons why: Why Reputable firms don’t guarantee rankings, Top 10 SEO scams.)

This means that your “pay only if I rank on the first page of Google” scheme is terribly unattractive to any legitimate SEO firm and any scammer just might take you up on it. Not really the best situation for you at the end of the day is it?

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Why does SEO cost so much money?

The reason why SEO costs so much (from $500 to $5,000 a month) is simply supply and demand. The demand is high because of it’s positive effect on business. The supply of skill is low because of the technical and tedious nature of the work. It is time consuming to thouroughly find and fix errors then to create solid content. That’s why people don’t offer quality “cheap SEO.”

But the point is not whether or not the price is high, the point is will it create a worthwhile ROI? To that question, it is a resounding, “YES!”

Think about it this way, if you spent $1,000 a month for six months to perpetually generate an extra $2,000 a month would you do it? That is the fundamental value proposition of SEO, it is constructing internet real estate and once it’s built (and maintained) you can benefit from it forever. Rather than looking for cheap SEO,  focus on maximizing your ROI.


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Why can’t you guarantee to get me on the first page of Google?

Ok, so you’re probably saying, “I get it, I will need to spend more, but why can’t you just guarantee me ranking for a keyword? Aren’t you supposed to know the rules well enough to do that?” Well, yes and no.

Yes, any good firm should be able to have a solid understanding of what it takes to do successful SEO and no we can’t predict the results. What you need to be aware of is there is a number of factors that go into ranking for keywords.

Some of these elements include: who links back into your website, what content you have, how it’s structured, your domain authority, and who else is in the industry. Some of these things you really can control and a lot which you simply do not control.

The tricky part about guaranteeing that you will rank for a keyword is that no one knows all of Google’s algorithm and even if they did, they couldn’t predict what all the other people in the space are going to do. Unless you find someone truly clairvoyant, guaranteeing to rank is simply not going to happen.

Glad to get that off my chest.

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The Good News About SEO

The good news is even though specific results as far as rankings cannot be guaranteed, there is still a lot that can be guaranteed. For example, a quality SEO company will have thorough processes of work they will perform and that work will benefit you even if it takes time for the site to rank for the keyword you’re hoping for.

The trick with SEO is to not hyper-focus on one binary result like “are we the at the number one spot for this specific keyword.” It is much more productive to view the process as a whole. Let me explain.

An SEO firm will begin by helping you find valuable keywords for your business. They will take a look at your content and see where they can add more. Next, they’ll go through and fix technical things that Google and humans find hard to read (the steps may vary depending on if you do local SEO or generic SEO.) Then, after you fix those things you’d start working on getting relevant backlinks from other sites. Along with those backlinks come new visitors and new customers. (To learn more about how to do SEO for websites, check out this article.)

Eventually, you will likely see your site begin ranking for the keywords you first sought out.  In the worst case your site is easier to use, more organized and has more traffic. The best case scenario is that you own words that are incredibly valuable to your company. In that way, we can guarantee that you will get your money’s worth. And there are many words that are highly probably that a firm can get you ranking for.

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Get started with SEO

If you’re open to telling me what keywords you would like to rank for, I can tell you fairly accurately what type of work would be involved, what it might cost and what the odds would be for ranking for that keyword. Feel free to grab your own price quote here.

The good news about SEO is that while SEO firms truly can’t guarantee the spot you’ll be placed, companies like can guarantee you will get meaningful results. We have been working to perfect our methods for over a decade.

The question is, what are you really waiting for with starting with SEO? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? Believe me 6 months from now you’ll want to have started today. Do you feel like you don’t have enough money? We can start small together and build up from there. Do you know you need to, just haven’t gotten to it?

If that is the case, I want to talk with you personally about your SEO. Give me a phone call at (208) 522-1016 and ask for Bruce or send me an email directly at [email protected].

Let’s get you started with effective, instead of cheap SEO.

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