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February 27, 2015
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March 12, 2015

Color Command

Written by Courtney McClellan, Internet Marketing Intern on March 10, 2015

The Secret Behind Colors and Conversions

When implemented correctly, color is the breath of life and eye-catching wonder in any design. There are a lot of psychological attachments to specific colors that we do not often recognize, at least consciously. Color can send a specific message or evoke an emotion that can be transferred into a conversion. The right color can be the driving force behind a successful conversion or the downfall of call to action buttons.

One of the most important elements on a site is its call to action button. Whether it is to purchase an item or sign up for something, everything on your site should drive users toward this one action.

The call to action button is a lot like the front line of battle. You would think it a natural instinct to arm your front line with the weapons it needs for the victory you want. However, many seem to leave their front line unprepared.

Sides have been taken, and boundaries have been staked. The color war still rages on. With every on-going test and varying result, the sides seem to fluctuate on what color a call to action button really should be.

In the skirmishes to nail down a specific color for call to action buttons, three have risen to all-out battles, vying for victory as the single best color:

  1. Red vs Green
  2. Blue vs Orange
  3. Yellow vs Green

All colors seem to have positive attributes for calls to action. Red is eye-catching and can create excitement, but green is the color attached to action. At the same time, blue creates trust while orange is different and exciting, but yellow creates a happy attachment.

The only thing you can truly take from all of this is that there really isn’t one true color to rule them all. There is no universal victor, but that does not mean a specific color can’t win your call to action button a personal victory.

The Ultimate Color Question

How do you choose a color for your call to action button?

It all comes back to making the button stand out. The color of the button should be based off the content and color scheme of the site along with the preferences of the visitors. Pick a color that will communicate the right message to your visitors. Here are the best colors for call to action buttons and the message that they may send to visitors.


Set of Colorful Click Here Web Buttons

Red is the color of passion. It is intense and a little in your face. It is meant to grab attention and create a swirl of energy. Red is the color of spontaneous purchases and attention-grabbing information.



Set of Colorful Click Here Web Buttons

This color is like a more polite version of the color red. It is not as in your face as red and can act like more of a polite invitation. When using this color on your call to action button, it can create enthusiasm, a warm atmosphere on your website, and a confidence in the offered services.



Set of Colorful Click Here Web Buttons

Using this color creates a calm atmosphere for your website. Green does not pressure visitors but will make them feel optimistic. It is also a great color to refresh the appearance of any website and to revitalize your call to action button.



Set of Colorful Click Here Web Buttons

Finally, we have blue, the color of loyalty. Many sites use the color blue on their call to action buttons to create a feeling of trust with visitors and customers. It helps to create a sense of security, and the calming effect of the color makes it feel more natural when clicking on the button. It produces an honest and responsible impression for any call to action button.

Don’t forget—when choosing a color, it should stand out from the background but not detract from it. To create maximum color effectiveness, choose brighter colors for smaller call to action buttons and colors that are slightly muted for larger buttons.

Though the battles fought in the color wars can make it seem tempting to choose a side, don’t let them fool you. There really isn’t one color that can do the job for everyone. Each color represents something different and unique which you can use to craft your own unique and engaging button. Find your color to action.