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March 11, 2019
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April 15, 2019

Compelling Benefits of PPC To Any Business


PPC or pay per click advertising is not a ‘financial black hole’ or a ‘waste of time’ as many beginners say, but rather, an ingenious and worthy endeavor that every digital marketer should try. A powerful case can always be made for pay per click because it gets the job done quickly and is one of the fastest ways to get ahead in the competition. Three of the top reasons why you should try PPC today are:

1.HIT THE GROUND RUNNING – You can enter the area quickly and with guns blazing – PPC complements organic marketing by putting your website out there in front of potential customers. Your organic marketing efforts will soon provide its own stream of traffic; PPC will ensure that you have traffic to begin with, and every bit of targeted traffic helps with marketing efforts.

2. PRECIOUS PPC DATA – The results of each PPC campaign will help you determine your next course of action. Adjustments have to be made each time to fine-tune the results. Improving ad copy and creating ever more compelling CTAs are just two of the things that you have to monitor each time.

3. CONNECTS TO DIFFERENT MARKETING CHANNELS – Whether you are on Google, or Bing, or any other search engine that offers PPC, you can always integrate your current PPC campaigns with other marketing channels that you are experimenting with. Any and all branding strategies done with text, images, and video, can be boosted quickly with PPC.


Another aspect of PPC that you should look at is the fact that you can be very specific with your PPC campaigns and you can tweak your landing pages to achieve better results. By specific we mean that you put in front of your potential customers download links and offers that will eventually lead to your funnel, and you can change the details of your campaigns quickly if something isn’t working. Perhaps the biggest misconception of beginners with PPC is what they can offer people through this type of paid marketing.

You can offer not just product/services directly but also offers that will make people interested in your brand, without requiring them to make an outright purchase in the beginning. This is a really neat strategy that has worked for at least two decades now on the Web and there is no let-up in its effectiveness. If you have something of value to offer, you can bring that offer fast to your customers with a single (or several) PPC campaigns.

In terms of positioning yourself alongside your competitors, you can gain an immediate edge through competitive targeting and by making sure that you landing pages are just as good or are even better than what your competitors have. It does not matter if you are a decade behind – what matters if you are advertising alongside others in the same niche.

No one is going to ask when you started – but people will be interested in what you have to offer. PPC gives you that edge that might take a while if you are going to depend wholly on SEO and organic marketing. Because let’s face it: organic marketing takes a while to build up in quality and volume. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be trying organic marketing, we’re saying that your business should have an edge in both the short term and the long term.

When it comes to control, much of the work that has to be done will be within the PPC environment that you signed up for. Of course, if you have never tried advertising online before and you have no idea how to get people to convert, using agencies like Netmark will give you a powerful boost in terms of speed and conversions, because agencies who have been running PPC campaigns for a long time will be aware of the nuances of the perfect campaign. While it is possible to learn the basics in a couple of weeks, there really is no replacement for experience – especially the experience of awarded agencies like Netmark.

Another compelling benefit of PPC is immediate results. While good things do come to those who wait, it is imperative that digital marketers be thirsty for results. Why? Because it is only during active campaigns that you are able to learn about your market’s behavior and preferences.

If you want to create results quickly, use PPC. SEO on the other hand, will ensure that on top of your success with PPC, people are being driven to your landing pages or website even while you sleep. Always think of PPC as a separate and distinct effort that will aid not just paid campaigns but also your overall SEO effort precisely because you will learn a lot about your market by just looking at past PPC data.

Integrally tied to immediate results are having quality traffic at your beck and call. Since PPC campaigns can be tweaked to target very specific people, you can be sure that people who will be clicking on your ads are really interested, and that the chances of converting paid traffic will be higher than what organic traffic brings. Again, organic traffic has its uses, and PPC traffic definitely has its own set of advantages. Another aspect of PPC that beginners may not be aware of (because advertisements have this reputation online) is you are not really ‘pushing’ ads to people when you run campaigns.

Why? Because your ads will appear only when your keywords are typed into the search engine, people are technically already interested in what you have to offer. It’s not like having ads displayed to thousands of people using a broad metric, and willing them to go to your site. No – with Google AdWords, the search engine will exert a lot of effort to show your ads to people who are already ‘warm’ for particular offers. See the difference? This is a huge boost to your campaigns as is because of the nature of the traffic afforded to AdWords advertisers.