Adwords Explained. Stupid. Dumb. Simple.
December 18, 2015
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January 18, 2016

Content Marketing Explained. Stupid. Dumb. Simple.

Here is the replay of today’s Scope:


Content marketing is the process of finding and converting customers by creating content your customer wants, putting it where they’ll find it and then directing them to take actions that benefit your company. 

This content can be anything from e-books, emails, you tube videos, blog articles etc. Essentially the idea is to create something super valuable to help your customer solve their problem, then to provide an even deeper solution with your company.

For example, if John was looking to solve his problem of a headache, what do you think that he might search on Google? Probably something like “Medicine to stop headaches” well if you happened to be a pharmacy and you wanted his business, you might write a blog article something like, “10 best medicines to stop a headache.” Then at the end you could put a call to action like, “Click here to get your medicine delivered today” or “come visit our store and receive ___% off because of this ad”

This fictitious story illustrates the idea of how content marketing is different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing what you would have done is pay for a commercial slot on T.V. and hope that John would remember seeing it when he was having a headache. In content marketing you try to help the customer when they are experiencing their problem.

Perhaps Joe Pulizzi put it best when he said, “Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star.  Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.”

Here are four advantages of content marketing over traditional marketing:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Establishes you as a “Thought Leader”   
  3. Develops long term relationships with customers
  4. Effective at increasing sales


Here are some useful links and a video to help with content marketing:

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