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May 6, 2012
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June 8, 2012

Conversion Optimization Breakdown

What does conversion optimization mean exactly? Let’s break it down a bit.

  • Conversion: The first thing that comes to mind are two or more factors coming together.
  • Optimization: Improvement of a process.

So if we put those two words together something great and somewhat surprising happens. In the world of internet marketing conversion optimization becomes the juggernaut of the entire web design world.  In the internet marketing family Search Engine Optimization would probably be the granddaddy. It is something that is widely renowned and has been around for quite a while. If that be the case Conversion Optimization would be the burly grandson that can lift a small car without even breaking a sweat. Let me explain. Conversion optimization is fairly new to the scene and if done correctly can have a huge effect on your website endeavors.

Conversion Optimization is a pivotal key to take your website from a mediocre, run of the mill website to an extremely aggressive highly functional website. For example, if we take a person that has 1,000 people visiting their website and optimize their website so that they have 2,000 people visiting their website that is going to make that person somewhat happy I would imagine. Unless those people are not converting into a sell of some sort or a possible lead. Now let’s take that some original 1,000 people and instead let’s make it so that instead of just converting 1% of the people we are now converting 2% of the people. Again we’re making good headway towards the ultimate goal but still it is only incremental. Now what would happen if we were to both optimize the website and make the conversions double at the same time? You got it, we have quantitatively increased our end result. Essentially we have taken the mediocre website and made it a lean mean fighting machine.

In a world of increasingly high competitiveness it is crucial to make the very best of what we have in our arsenal. Conversion Optimization just makes sense. Usually it is the simplest things that have the greatest effects. There is good reason that man has always evolved to make his objectives more streamline and effective. My father always told me growing up that I should work smarter, not harder. Little did I know that he would give me one of my first lessons in conversion optimization.