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November 12, 2013
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November 15, 2013

Dinosaurs, Dodos, and SEO?

After scanning the #SEO Twitter pages today I was surprised. People are saying that SEO is dead and this gave me a bit of a shock. Obviously the whole SEO realm is changing more than ever before but has it really gone the way of the dinosaur and the dodo bird? I would not argue with the many people who know a whole lot more than me when it comes to marketing, but I would like to play devils advocate. And thus is the subject of my mini rant today: SEO is just evolving, its not dead yet!

I think the term DEAD is a bit strong for what is happening to the Internet marketing world. Has search engine optimization had some major work done on its image at the hands of Google? Absolutely. Could you say it will be the same in 5 year? Not-at-all. But is SEO really dead? No. SEO and its common practices, although tweaked and changed from what we used to know, still provide solid results. I would like to adjust the phrase with “SEO, as we know it, is dying.”

Organic searches and SEO still provide results. There is no telling how long this will remain but you are lying to yourself if you think that SEO is a waste of time and efforts. A whole lot of people think that direct mail is dead but that isn’t true either. I would bet that most of you reading this has some sort of junk mail waiting at home on the counter or hiding in your mailbox. I would bet further that a few of you would even use those silly coupons… I still do.

It is not its younger self, but SEO certainly is not dead. I would attribute much of the premature funeral mourning to Erik Sherman’s article titled “SEO Is Dead. Here’s What Is Taking Its Place” posted onto Erik suggests in the article that the up and coming king is Online Audience Optimization (OAO), or the idea of hyper targeting your audience and going after them through content while providing a place for them to interact online. It translates to caring for your audience. And I could not be more about this idea! I love it and I love what Erik is throwing down. I feel like he is writing as a warning to all internet-marketers who are reactive thinkers and not proactive thinkers. I tip my hat to Erik as he has the foresight to warn us of the changes coming to the online marketing world. But I warn readers that SEO is not dead… yet. So don’t drop SEO yet, but be prepared to shift your focus while SEO slowly gets lost in the mix of more effective marketing strategies.

By Adam Figgat