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July 22, 2014
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Don’t Get Stuck in a PPC Rut

3 PPC Changes You’ll Want to Be Sure to Make

By Rachel Anderson


There’s only thing consistent in the PPC world- change. What may have worked great for you yesterday may not work today. In order to ensure you’re no getting left behind you’ll need to consistently try new things and have new ideas.

Here are 3 tactics to start freshening up those campaigns.

Exclude Unwelcome Mobile Traffic

While you can’t block all traffic from mobile and tablet devices you can filter and block a good portion of what you know will never bring any profit. Apps, for example, have been a huge headache for many of my clients in the past. People playing on their phones and tablets accidently click (or often their children click) on an ad and then bounce right back to their game. There are a few ways to help prevent this. You may have spent time reviewing placement by placement and adding apps individually to your excluded placement list only to find out this really isn’t effective. Instead, try these two solutions.

1.Go to your desired display network campaign and click the Display Network tab.


Next click the red Targeting button.

The last campaign exclusion option is Site Category Options. Click the edit pencil and find and add the GMob mobile app non-interstitial.


2. On the same Campaign exclusions page, click the edit pencil for the Placements category.

Add this web url, taking care to not add a www. to the beginning.


You will notice a huge drop in pesky app placements with these two simple additions. They may not catch everything but certainly a majority.

Timing and Targeting

If you’ve ever used the Dimensions tab in AdWords you know how much great information you can find. Data on days of the week, times of the year, day etc on all the AdWords metrics. You can view trends and gauge peak seasons, days, and times.

But beyond the interest value, putting this information to use can be very valuable. For instance, if you notice that over the last year your best selling time of day is between 11am and 3pm, you can set up a bidding rule to increase keyword bids to make sure you are front and center during those times. If you notice an increased bounce rate and 0 sales on weekends you may consider bidding down or even choosing to not run ads on those days.

Put a Cap on It

Remarketing can be one of the best tools you have as an online advertiser. It can also be one of your biggest mistakes. Because of the nature of Remarketing, if done improperly it can feel very intrusive, stalker-ish, even creepy to those you’ve cookied. Rather than scare off potential customers, use Remarketing to remind and help people return to your site. To do this, set a limit to the number of times a person can be shown your ads in one day.

To do this, go to your remarketing campaign and click the Settings tab. Scroll to the bottom of the options and find Frequency capping under Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping.


A good rule of thumb is to never show more than 5 ads to one person per day. Somewhere between 3-5 seems to be the sweet spot.

Hope these three tips will get you on your way to making some great changes and continuing to look for better ways to run your online advertising!

Rachel Anderson is a Pay Per Click Advertising Strategist at Netmark.com. She loves helping companies be successful online by defining target markets and creating the most relevant, appealing ads. Off the job she enjoys photography, good food, the outdoors and family time.