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December 16, 2008
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December 24, 2008

Facebook: What’s In It For Me?

From the early days of MySpace, to the newer cool apps of today like Facebook, and Twitter, when it comes to social media, there are NUMEROUS applications, widgets, gadgets, and much more to choose from, abuse, and stay up all hours of the night reviewing your “friends” status updates, comments, various posts, and more. Today I want to spend a little time and talk about one of my favorite social media apps: Facebook.

In my previous days when I was heavily involved in real estate, I was always keeping on top of technology (I still do), and much of the research I found spoke highly of social media, and the infamous Facebook. I was aware of it””s existence, and knew it was popular among the teen generation, but little did I know of it’s huge following and awesome networking opportunities. So I jumped on board and created a profile, imported my email list and found many of my friends, family members, classmates, acquaintances already online. My younger sister teased me and “couldn’t believe I joined Facebook.” I think she just felt a bit awkward knowing that I would be able to see her comments, posts, and crazy pictures from that time forward.

Over time, I updated my profile, and I continued to update my status. I wanted to make sure that the people that I know, knew exactly what I did and why they should pick me. I also took advantage of the huge network, and searched out new connections to become a source of referrals and knowledge in the future. I found that Facebook was a fun and productive way to keep up with friends and family in my personal life, and a simple and easy solution to continue to meet new people for my professional career.

Facebook allows you to create different groups, and control what information is shared with the different groups. I currently have only two groups: personal and professional. People within my personal group can see my full profile, or at least the information that I have included. Contacts within my professional group can still see my basic contact information, status updates, posts, and more…but not necessarily have the ability to look at my photo albums, etc.

Facebook is definitely one of the leading social media applications available right now, and its fun and highly customizable. It even has somewhat of a professional look and feel to it, unlike the often funky and obnoxious MySpace and Hi5 like applications.

So how can a social media tool like Facebook benefit you, or your business? Jump online and give it a decent shot, update your information, search for new contacts, keep up with your friends, find and re-establish contact with friends and acquaintances that you haven’t spoken to in ages, and much more. Use it to your advantage, post items about your job, what you do, offer your service…Create a page promoting your business. Facebook even offers PPC and Impression advertising with the opportunity to target your audience based on their likes, hobbies, age, status and more…all at a fraction of the cost of traditional PPC with the leading search providers.

So when you ask yourself, “Why?” or “What’s In It For Me?,” just take my suggestion and jump on board and give it a try. At a minimum you are bound to reconnect with old friends or family, and beyond that the opportunities for you and your business are limitless!

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