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A server is a computer or piece of software that serves other computers or “clients” on a network with different kinds of information. For example, a web server serves websites, a file server serves files, and a database server serves databases. The client is the computer or other device that connects to the server and accesses the services the server provides. The client and the server are usually on separate devices, but they can also be on the same device.

Server Types

Servers serve different kinds of data and also distribute work. A client–server model is the basis for almost the entire way the Internet is is built and connected. Millions of servers are running throughout the world to assist with almost every facet of the Internet. The following is a list of server types commonly used today.

  • Application Server
  • Catalog Server
  • Communications Server
  • Computing Server
  • Database Server
  • Fax Server
  • File Server
  • Game Server
  • Mail Server
  • Media Server
  • Name Server
  • Print Server
  • Sound Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Web Server