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August 15, 2013
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August 16, 2013

Goal and Event Tracking

Google Analytics has many tools that you can choose to use at your discretion. The one that I want to cover today is the Goal and Event Tracking tool. Ask yourself the question, “Why would I want to use the goal and event tracking tool when I already have so many nifty gadgets in my utility belt?” Now say to yourself out loud, “I’m going to keep reading to find out why.”

Internet marketers use the Goal and Event Tracking tool to better track what events are happening on the site and how often these events occur. An event might be a “Thank you for shopping with us” page upon order completion. Or an event might be when someone comes to the site and “lands” on a landing page other than the home page of the site. You can set the tool to track custom events so you have a better idea of what site visitors are doing on your site. This helps paint a better picture and answer question you want the answers to. Questions like:

  • Where did someone come from when they came to my site?
  • Why is site traffic leaving after a short period of time?
  • What are these people visiting my site for?
  • Who is sharing site content and what are they sharing?

With goal tracking in Google Analytics, you can answer these questions and help you draw better data from your numbers. Kaydan Kelly from lays out the top four benefits of using the Goal and Event Tracking beautifully as follows.

  1. Track visitors who don’t convert with traditional transactional or lead generation goals
  2. More easily track influencers/Advocates on your site
  3. Measure “interactions” that can lead to better understanding of site management
  4. Measure “interactions” in early stages of buying cycle that demonstrate the quality of the visits that increase the top of the funnel and ultimately lead to increased revenue producing goals

If anything, my post stands as a reminder that you have been given many powerful tools from Google and you should use them (like a WARNING label). If you want to read Kayden’s article in it’s entirety and get detailed directions (like an owners manual) follow this link:

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