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Idaho Falls Web Design vs. The Standard Trifecta

You may think that web design is not very important especially if you live in a small town like Idaho Falls. In reality Idaho Falls web design is more important than ever before. It used to be that businesses could get by with not really having a website. You could do the minimum when it came to advertising, you know yellowbook, tv spot, radio ads the trifecta. That would get you business because people were looking for you and that was about the only spots that they could actually find you. Then came along the internet and changed the whole face of how we communicate as mankind. This was a huge shift and many people started to tell other people about how they found this one guy online and then another person told somebody else and then the snowball began to grow and eventually took over everything. There are few of us that tried to hang on to our old ways of communicating but it was a futile fight and now almost everybody is doing advertising, marketing and communicating online because it is quick and efficient.  At this point, having a website for small business is critical.  If you live in little old South Eastern Idaho, it’s just as important as anywhere.  Idaho Falls has lately become one of the most technical cities in the United States.  Idaho Falls web design has over the last couple of years become quite crucial!

Which brings me back to the point at hand. The importance of having a well designed website in Idaho Falls. The fact of the matter is that people have become web “browsers” and are no longer “readers”. Not to say that old habits die hard because they do and we can still capitalize on that. People are accustomed to reading from the top of the page to the bottom of the page and of course from left to right. Unless you are from a foreign country and then I don’t know what to tell you there. Using our reading concept, it is important that we list our most important information on our website from top of the page to our least important information at the bottom and again from left of page to right.

Again keeping in mind that we are browsers it is important that we intrigue our online guests within the first five seconds of their visit because if we don’t, most likely they are going to bounce. Good web design is not just mistakenly happening. There are many keys to making your traffic look at what you want them to look at and to go where you want them to go. I will tell you more insiders information about Idaho Falls web design in some upcoming blog posts.