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January 21, 2014
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It’s pronounced “meem” and it’s here for a while

Yup, I am calling it right now and saying that memes are here to stay. I don’t think that the meme is getting the respect it deserves in the online marketing community yet… but it will soon enough. Social media was disregarded by most business executives when it first entered the marketing arena in the early 2000’s. Said to be only a trend, businesses felt there was no way it could be used for real business. Now as a company, if you are not deeply invested in social you are doomed for failure.

So lets embrace our destinies and realize that memes will be a huge part of marketing for corporations moving forward. Just as any marketing outlet, they have a time and place… but when they are used in the right time and the right place, you see magic happen! There is something special about the meme sharing community. Anyone can create whatever whenever they want and share it with the world.

Reasons Memes Are Awesome:

  • They are cheap as free
  • They are easy to make
  • They can convey messages easily
  • They are easily shared across all social platforms
  • They make it easy to make an impression
  • They can show that your company is “in touch” with the current industry trends

Reasons Memes Are Like Landmines:

  • There are a lot out there so do your best to keep up
  • Trends move at lightning speed on the Internet, strike while the meme is hot
  • Each meme has a history and specific message to convey, understand this or internet trolls will literally eat you alive. I mean it! They will consume you in person!

Here is a quick True/False Test to see if you are ready to start making memes:

  • Success Kid is successful 99% of the time
  • Grumpy Cat is only grumpy on Mondays
  • Bad Luck Brian will eventually grow out of his bad luck

If you answered True to any of these then you are not ready to make memes. You are required to study already existing memes online for one hour before retaking the test. If you got all these correct… I guess you are ready but BE WARNED: the Internet is a strange place. Be careful out there on your own.

Sound Advice To Follow

If you don’t understand memes, it is ok. They can be confusing or even scary to use if you don’t know the origin or common use. Do your research, which is actually fun for this subject, and go to places like (Yes, its “I can Has cheeseburger. It’s a long story…).

If you are ready to create a meme and share it with the world, I would recommend using This site offers an abundance of already popular memes to build your very own and share.

When sharing your meme, make sure it has a catchy title. Usually something punny works, but feel free to use the title almost as a second joke.

Besides these tips and tricks, I would say just get out and have some fun with these. They are light hearted in nature and a great way to show your cold calculating business firm has a sense of humor. Deep, deep down there is a small, dry sense of humor. Share it with the world and take control of your online brand.3-Memes-e1390582414388