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June 6, 2013
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June 6, 2013

Link Building: Making Your Blog Searchable

Simplifying link building so that others can find your blog

By Sienna Lee

For you all of you new and frustrated bloggers out there who are starting a new adventure in the world of blogging, have no fear! Today you will learn how to make your blog not only a little more appealing, but searchable to the average Joe that may be searching for something related to your specialty.

How do you do this, you ask?silver-chain

It’s called link building.

What does that mean?

In the simplest of terms, link building is a sort of third-party endorsement, or shout out to your blog or website.

This shout out is most credible when done by someone that is already knowledgeable in a field related to your blog or the post which you are writing. It is otherwise known as a recommendation; for example, say you are writing a blog on fitness and clean eating. To gain a little endorsement, you want other established blogs and websites on fitness and clean eating to reference you, or list you on their “related links” page. This will create traffic to your site and give you a little more standing because it is coming from an author who has already established themselves as experienced in the subject.

Where to Begin

There is one very important question to consider when considering linking your blog to another:


Does this link have genuine potential to invite useful traffic to my blog?


Giving out links and having sites link back to you is kind of like passing out little pieces of your credibility; you want to make sure that you are increasing your presence for good and not wasting resources on link buildings that could harm your reputation.

Let’s go along with the fitness and healthy eating example; to start small, try entering in a few key words in Google {like this} or Bing {like this} and browse around the results. Do any of these sites or articles seem relatable to yours? Are they authors and sites that you would want to be associated with?

What are your options?

Related Links. Many blogs have a “related links” section where they list links to other blogs and websites of similar ides. If you would like to be listed here, feel free to write to said blogger and request that your link be added to their page. The worst they can do is say no! This type of link building allows you to partner with other people and make friends in your blog community. It is a cost friendly option and will most likely allow you to return the favor and help others build links in the future.


Reciprocal Links. A less cost-friendly option includes actually paying another site to build links for you. While this may eventually bring high traffic to your site, there are definitely other options out there and this does not need to be your first go-to solution. This is known as creating a reciprocal link; each party benefits in some way from the “partnership” you are forming. Buying links is also somewhat frowned upon by Google, as they claim that paying for link building is against webmaster guidelines. However there is really no formal penalization for the action (yet).

Become Original.

Come up with a feature article, or some other attraction that will bring traffic to your website. Doing so will also provide reason for others to link to your site, giving you credibility and helping you establish a reputation. If you are writing a blog for a company, perhaps release an article outlining a special feature that the company offers and be sure to make it appealing and exciting to read.


Finally, be sure that the links you are creating to your website are appropriate and will be beneficial to readers. Having only a few reputable links is better than having multiple from places that can potentially harm you, or bring nothing at all. Remember to guard those pieces of your credibility that you are passing out and be sure that you are informed about what those other sites are publishing so that their negative reputation does not tarnish yours.


Photo Credit: Silver Chain by Peter Griffin

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