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January 6, 2015
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Maniacal Myths and What They Are Doing to Your Blog

3 Myths That Are Killing Your Blog

Posted by Courtney McClellan, Content Writer on January 13, 2015

It didn’t take long for blogging to become a superstar on the Internet playing field. Suddenly everyone can post their own original content on the web and, oh look at that, it’s trending! As blogging rose in the ranks, some rather terrible myths managed to cling to it. Obviously it’s quite the death grip because they have yet to be shaken off. These are the three myths that have still managed to hang around, killing bloggers success.


1. It’s So Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

This myth often digs a hole too deep for any blogger to crawl out of. Don’t let the illusion of easy blogging lure you into that hole. For anything to be successful, it takes work. If it were easy, every blog out there would be successful. It’s always good to dream big, but let’s get a little realistic here.

The problem starts with the setup; blogs are deceptively easy to start. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just end there. Blogging takes a lot of dedication and patience. Maintaining a quality blog takes work. You have to keep up on posts, make sure those post have quality content, and market your blog. You can quickly become discouraged if nothing seems to happen or if it seems like too much work. If you start to reach this point, it might be a good idea to sit back and weigh your options. You may find that changing the direction of your blog or ditching it entirely will be more beneficial to you than trying to push through.

Though anyone can start a blog, it takes dedication to make it successful. You get out of it what you put in. Most blogs just need you to put in time. But I don’t just mean more time for writing your posts. Make time to take care of your blog. A lot like a child, not only does a blog need to be feed with content, it needs attention. Spend time working out kinks to make sure it runs smoothly for your readers. Check links to make sure they still work. Share your posts. Promote them. If you put in quality time and good content, you can get good results.


2. You Have to Post Every Single Day

This myth is not so much one that will kill your blog—because it isn’t necessarily a bad thing—but it will wear you out. Just pause for a second and think about what this actually means. You will have to post something every single day, 365 days a year. You may think, “I can handle that, I am a great writer.” Four months, you’re slumped over your keyboard, tissues scattered around the desk, and a blank post. No matter how much you want your ideas to come, they just won’t. You’ve dried up.

As you can see, there are two problems with this:

  • Content quality can be compromised

  • Writer’s fatigue

Unless you have an army of writers at your command, your battle strategy has a high likelihood of backfiring on you. If you can plan smart, you may not have to post everyday. Blogging is more about consistency than sending something out each afternoon. If readers know they can expect two posts a week from you, they will keep coming back. Pick two or three days, and make sure to post on those days every week. This will save both the quality of your posts and your sanity.


3. Once My Blog is Up, I Will Have Overnight Fame and Glory!

Bloggers seem to be chanting the mantra “Great Content is Found” over and over again. It drips from posts and rings through the void of the Internet. While this is not a total lie, it is also not a full truth.

Yes, great content can be found. It is searched for everyday—tweeted, shared, and practically flung in your face anytime you open a browser. So there is a chance that your content can be found. What I am talking about is increasing that chance from a small drop in the ocean to a tidal wave. Even if your content is mind blowing, how can you differentiate it from everything else out there? You are just one voice in a screaming crowd of millions, what can you do to be heard?

The answer is easy: get friendly. If you can get enough people to shout your name, you just might be heard. What I mean by this is to interact with other people. The chance of your content being found will greatly increase if you can interact with your readers. Don’t be the all powerful OZ hiding behind the curtain. Get out there and let your readers see who you are.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Change the “Subscribe to my blog” respond email to something more personal. This helps the reader to feel like you care.

  • Reading comments and answering them—keep the conversation going.

  • Embed free tools like Gabby, which will allow you to interact with readers and let readers interact with each other.


It may seem like other blogs are walking on water, but they are just messing around in the shallow end, not brave enough to jump in the deep side of the pool. Your blog may not perform the cannonball entrance into the Internet you hoped it would, but give it some time. A steady drip will cause more ripples than a quick splash.

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