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March 25, 2013
So Your Website Has Been Hacked, Now What?
April 1, 2013

Meta Keywords

By John Broadbent


Welcome to a special April Fool’s Day episode of Make Your Mark Monday. Today, we’re talking about the keywords Meta tag. From we’ve been able to tell the keywords Meta tag is back. And a few things that you really want to make sure that you do, as you’re adding keywords to the Meta keywords tag, we’ll talk about here today.

Let’s say I run a bed and breakfast in the old north section of Boston, in what’s called Little Italy. I’ll probably want to add keywords to my meta keywords tag, such as Bed and Breakfast, B and B, lodging, Bed N Breakfast, B and B, capital B-N-B, Bed and Breakfast Inn, Bed and Breakfast House, just in case there are people who are searching for the difference between a bed and breakfast inn, and a bed and breakfast house accommodation.

And maybe all the misspellings that come with accommodations, accommodation that’s spelled correctly, accommodation with just one c, with just one m, accommodations plural. We’ll want to put a lot of variations of those keywords into there. And romantic getaways, weekend getaways, people might be searching just for those things. Especially if they’re over in, let’s say they’re in Russia and they’re searching for Romantic Getaway. Boston is definitely the place they’re probably looking for.

Overnight lodging, hey let’s go after hotel, hotels-North End, just if someone’s just searching for the north end of Boston go ahead and put that in there. Downtown, Freedom Trail, right there on the Freedom Trail, so put that in there. Quincy market Boston convention center, go ahead and put in there BC, EC, and then TD Bank North Garden, Fenway Park.

Waterfront just by itself, waterfront, you may be close to the waterfront, if you’re a B and B down there, so if someone’s searching just for waterfront they may type that in. And this keywords tag is definitely going to help you show up, for some of these terms like hotel or just hotels. It doesn’t matter where they’re searching, so we found this to be very good.

Financial District is a great one to put in there, because if people are looking maybe for a house in a financial district it’s quite possible that they might want to stay in a bed and breakfast, while they’re looking for their house in that financial district. Little Italy, cruise ships, fall foliage, and then go ahead and of course put in Boston, MA, and then Massachusetts.

These are some keys that will really help you rank really, really well. Some good best practices when using the keywords Meta tag. Thanks again for tuning in. Wednesday, we’ll dive a little bit deeper into each of these key terms, and walk you through how you can show up, depending on where you put them within the Meta keywords tag, and then how to kind of stuff them into the content of your website. Thanks again for tuning in.