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November 13, 2008
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December 16, 2008

Bad Economy? Not as much as you think!

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As an SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) management company, I’ve just about heard it all when I am talking to “potential clients”.

Every excuse under the sun… well… almost all of them. We had an interesting situation come up that I am going to tell you a little about. I’d love to get some thoughts on this…

A company that builds custom metal doors and gates for “high end” homes was wondering and asking “Why would I need SEO and would it actually be beneficial to me?” He even mentioned that he has seen a little slow down in his particular area(s).

He said that if we could come up with some research and legitimate answers, he would sign up. The challenge was on. In looking around for some great information (and in a nutshell), here’s what we discovered: The housing market in his area had actually not decreased or recessed near as much as he thought.

Statistical numbers actually showed that his market had remained almost level as a whole. In fact, money spent on “higher end” housing was even up a little bit (surprising I know).

So why was his business down?

Here is the conclusion. Many people are STILL spending money. Even though he has a very niche industry and market there is no reason why he would be down.

His website was not ranking very well…anywhere. His competitors websites were. There is a rule of thumb to remember: if you are not being found in the search engines easily for your keywords, some one else is.

The trend for money spending has slightly changed, and I believe that’s what he was noticing. People are nervous and are not as careless with their money spending habits as they once were.

All the data seems to be showing that people are spending more time trying to learn about products/services [now] more than before where they were being more hasty to spend money.

Where are they looking? Online.

Basically we were able to show that with better positioning in the search engines, he would be able to appeal to more people who are “looking” for HIS service/product.

This is how we can do it —-> Search Engine Optimization <—-

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Bad Economy? Not as much as you think!