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June 6, 2013
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Moving the Trucking Industry Towards Online Marketing

By: Tyler Christoffersen
The trucking industry is dated and lives in the stone ages when it comes to online marketing. I work in this industry and it does not use much, if any online marketing. I have often asked myself “Will the trucking industry’s online marketing ever progress with the rest of the world?”

Current Trucking Marketing Strategy

Most of the trucking industry’s marketing is slapping a company name on a Semi-truck and trailer or, maybe every now and then, you will see a billboard advertisment. Most of the marketing is word of mouth and established through business connections.


I have been wrestling with the struggle of how to move a “dinosaur” industry towards the new way of life… online marketing. If you Google search freight companies you will get a couple to pop up but the real big players are not on the top of Google.

This has me puzzled and wanting to know why SEO and online marketing is not a big deal to them, or is it but they do not know how to go about getting through the “dinosaur” barrier. Therefore, I have formulated a couple hypotheses for my findings.

Trucking Industry Online Marketing Hypothesis:

1. The first is that the freight/transportation industry does not need SEO to survive; in fact, they do not need a lot of marketing as a whole to survive. I know for a fact that small to mid-size trucking companies do not to advertise more than their names on trucks to be profitable and employee 30-60 people.

2.  The second hypothesis I have is that these industries have been functioning so well for so long that they do not feel the need to break tradition and change with the world. Because the industry is not designed for random one time users, truck companies usually only focus on full truck loads so they do business with shippers who can give them full trailer loads. There are companies that specialize in putting together partial loads to make full loads but those are not super popular.

Foreseen Online Marketing Dangers

crystal-ballStart-up companies use SEO and when they need something they turn to the almighty Google because that is what they know. Many of these start-ups need their products shipped across short and long distances so they search for either freight or trucking companies. When they search online they do not find many of these companies so they are choosing from narrow options when there are so many more.

These start-ups have to step back in time and pick up a phone and phone book to find freight or trucking companies. There are online directories but you need to know the company you are looking for first. The world has been moving online and I believe that whatever freight or trucking company taps into that market first will be a huge SEO leader for their peers and competitors.

The digital world is moving so quickly and opening up many opportunities for new businesses in new ways. Many of these businesses need great trucking companies to distribute their products around the US and the globe. It is not a matter of if these companies will move towards online marketing, but a matter of when.