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September 25, 2009
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October 26, 2009

Myths of Search Engine Submissions


Here are some common myths about submitting your website manually to search engines:

  1. Search engine submissions requires a lot of research
  2. Almost every search engine and directory has a link labeled “add a site” or “submit url,” which will take you directly to their submission form. All you have to do is just follow their rules and enter the information correctly and carefully.
  3. Websites should be listed in all search engines.
  4. If you list your website with some top tier search engines, it will eventually find its own way into the second tier and beyond. In fact, you don’t even have to submit your site at all for it to be listed. Search engine spiders are constantly crawling and combing the web and will eventually find your site on their own if your site contains any links at all to any other site.
  5. Websites should be listed on a weekly or monthly basis. Continually submitting your site can be classified as spamming and result in your site’s banishment from a search engine’s database. As a general rule, don’t resubmit a new version of a page unless you have an unfavorable ranking or unless you””ve made some drastic changes.
  6. Good submissions are costly. The truth is that you don’t have to pay a submission service to submit your website to the search engines. Believe it or not, submissions to most major search engines are free. Not all of them are free, but there are literally thousands of places that you can submit to.

Recommended Search Engines and Directories to Check out:


How Long Does it Take to Get Listed?
Here are some estimated waiting periods for some of the more popular search engines:

Bing: up to 2 months
Google: up to 4 weeks
Alta Vista: up to 1 week
Fast: up to 2 weeks
Excite: up to 6 weeks
AOL: up to 2 months
Hot Bot: up to 2 months
iWon: up to 2 months
DMOZ: up to 2 months (and good luck)

To learn more about our techniques about how to do submissions and where, take a peek at our Link Building page.

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