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September 4, 2013
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Never go Social when you’re Emotional

Think before you Post


Do you suffer from the deadly disease of Foot in Mouth syndrome? In other words, have you ever written something on social media just to regret what you said… right after you clicked “post”? Or even worse, you don’t even realize you have said something bad at all!  Even if you delete the post, it was already out there on the web, so it is there for good. You really need to think about what you are saying, before you say it. Many times people say unintentional things because they are angry, tired, frustrated, sad, or basically on an emotional high, and not in the good way. People always seem to say the worst things when they are emotional.

I think there needs to be a pop up screen after the post screen saying “Are you sure you really want to post this?” Maybe then there might be fewer posts with angry or offensive content.

A good rule is: Never go social when you’re emotional! Occasionally, people need to vent and get their feelings out. My advice? Call a friend! Venting on your social site is a perfect recipe for disaster; especially if you work for someone who has an online or social presence. Even if you post on your personal sites, it still reflects on your company no matter how many times you say, “My tweets are my own.” They may be your own, but people will wonder why this company hired someone who behaves disrespectfully. So for the benefit of yourself, others, and your company, don’t vent online about touchy subjects.

Now here is where I throw you through a loop. It is still ok to say negative things, or take an opposing side on subjects. But, if you are going to do this, you need to sit down and plan how you are going to lay out the words in your post. Be logical, educated, and friendly, not irrational and hateful. It’s ok to have a different opinion on something, it is actually encouraged. Different opinions and viewpoints allow us to see what we can do better in our social media efforts.

So take these steps to make you posts the best they can be.

  1. Have a clear mind.

“Never go Social, when you’re emotional!”

  1. Stop and reread your post

Even I’m guilty of a typo or two, but double check what you about to put on the net, because will tear you apart for anything.

  1. Ask, “What message am I sending?”

Right before you click, ask yourself “What are people going to get out of this?” You want to be able to post content that has the right message for you and your company.

So just remember to ask yourself, “How are people going to react to this post?” I think we should rally for that “Are you sure you really want to post this?” button.

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