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August 13, 2013
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August 15, 2013

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The Need For Marketing Strategists

By Rick Skidmore

Marketing strategists are becoming increasingly more important in a society that is connected online almost all the time. With more and more time spent on the phone, laptop, and even internet through your TV, online marketing is the most effective way to reach your customers.  Running a TV or radio add doesn’t carry the impact that it used to. Now with TiVo and DVR’s or Pandora, Spotify or XM Radio, who watches TV or listens to the Radio? Now it is more critical than ever to have a real marketing strategy and campaigns to drive customers to your products or services.

John Broadbent discusses what it takes to be a marketing strategist as he relates it to his college years of coaching hockey. John covers three areas. Each have an analytical and creative side, both of which are necessary components of a great strategist.


EyeA good strategist knows and understands the industry and best practices. It takes time to observe the industry and other key factors that play into it. Strategists observe what’s going on in both the industry specific to the business as well as marketing trends. To keep up with all the marketing trends, search engine algorithm updates and other relevant trends, it takes a great amount of time.

Netmark has a team of individuals who observe your industry and the marketing industry to provide the best results.It gets even better if you have a marketing department. With Netmark’s vast experience in online marketing and your companies expertise in the industry, all angles and areas will be covered.


PreparationsOnce you have gathered all your data and observed the trends it is now time to put together your marketing strategy. Don’t rush or throw this together at the last minute. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” To establish a plan you have to understand what goals you want to achieve. Sure you want more people to buy your product or service, but this is not enough.  After observing where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, determine what needs to happen in order to get there. Next determine what it’s going to require to reach those results and pace yourself. Now with a financial goal or career path laid out, determine a marketing plan that will achieve those goals.


ActionNow that you have your to do list, go and do it! There is still a great amount of strategy in fulfilling your plan of action. Items may take time, others may take tactical placement in order to get the best results with your actions. For instance with online marketing it is key not to post all your content at one time. Make sure to space it out.

As you take action, use the best tools available. If you are looking for an online marketing team to assist in your online marketing strategy, I invite you to look into Netmark’s marketing strategies and services. Fill out the quote form online or call us.  If you are looking to do this yourself, I would recommend getting to know some free online tools. Cyrus Shephard put together a nice list of 100 Free SEO Tools, this is a great place to start.

In Conclusion

Getting found in your local community, nation wide, or online requires real strategists.  Take the time to observe, prepare, and follow through with action. Don’t let time get by and panic for a marketing strategy when it is too late. Plan ahead, work marketing into your business budget and you will succeed.


About the Author

Rick is a marketing strategist at Netmark. He has been in marketing since 2009 with a background in construction marketing, food marketing, and event marketing.  Rick Graduated with his BS in Business Management and minored in Marketing. His business skills allow him to be both analytical and creative in both business and marketing.  Rick enjoys keeping up on marketing best practices by visited with professionals at Google, Nike, Hallmark, Leo Burnett and other fortune 500 companies. Rick has an entrepreneur heart who enjoys serving and working with others.