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February 11, 2009
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February 17, 2009

Optimization With Themes

When optimizing a website for specific keywords, it’s important that you create themes for your keywords in order to maximize your effectiveness. Our experience has shown that a themed website will typically do much better in the search engine rankings than a website built with similar pages, but lacking definitive themes.

Themes consist of several elements.

1. Landing Page: The landing page is the page at the center of the theme. This page should be the most relevant page on the website for the keyword you are trying to rank for. This page should also have a disproportionate amount of incoming links pointing to it from support pages, pages on the website outside of the theme, and other websites.

2. Support Pages: Support pages are pages that are on topic with the keyword you are trying to rank for, but don””t necessarily emphasis the actual keyword in their content. For example, if “search engine optimization” were a keyword I wanted to rank for, the landing page would be extremely relevant to the keyword: “search engine optimization,” but the support pages might be more centered on subjects such as link-building, content optimization, image optimization, etc.

3. Website Pages Outside of the Theme: These are pages that point an incoming link to the landing page from outside of the theme. These pages can be off topic, and for that reason, sometimes don””t add a lot of keyword relevance to the theme itself, but they do pass page rank to the landing page, creating artificial importance. If done right though, they can add relevanceby having optimized anchor text in the link pointing to the landing page.

4. On-Topic Websites: One of the best ways to create importance and relevance is by getting links to the landing page from similar topic websites, with optimized anchor text. The anchor text from this impartial source will tell the search engines what your site is about, and the link will pass page rank.

There you have it. The perfect formula for a well themed website!

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Optimization With Themes