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Overcoming Blogger’s Block and Finding the Right Gift for Grandma

By: Zachery Porter

gmaIf you blog consistently you will most likely deal with blogger’s or writer’s block. You will also be challenged with writing something that stands out from hundreds of other bloggers. Similar problems arise when you need to find the right gift for grandma.

During the holiday season you give gifts to those you love. There are few people you love more than your grandma, but let’s face it; it’s tough to find her the perfect gift.

Grandma has twenty other grandchildren, her own children, long time friends, neighbors, and others who are getting her a Christmas present too. Grandma has also been around a long time, and has been the recipient of many gifts.

You could get her another pair of oven mittens, a cookbook, or wall décor of smiling geese or bears, but you know deep down these would be lame gifts; grandma already has plenty of those. So what do you do?



Get the creative juices flowing. Play with toys, dance to your favorite hip-hop song, or decorate cookies while brainstorming. Do whatever it takes to help you feel like a kid, and get your imagination going. Remember that during a brainstorming session you don’t squish ideas. For example, you may not think grandma would like a Nintendo Wii, but if grandma use to be in bowling league, she wants Netflix, and something to entertain her grandkids it just might be the perfect gift.


Pay attention to Grandma

When talking to grandma listen to her wants, needs, and interests. If you don’t know what they are give her a call and ask questions about her childhood. What struggles has she had and what she is currently doing? These questions will help reveal her wants, needs, and interests.


 Refine Brainstorming Ideas

Look at the brainstormed ideas and identify which would fulfill a want, need, or interest for grandma. If you put effort into brainstorming and listening, there will be a match.


Overcoming Blogger’s Block and Giving the Perfect “Gift” to your Readers

The steps for finding grandma’s gift are the same for overcoming blogger’s block. If you just give your readers “a cookbook or more décor of smiling geese” they may say it was a nice post, but it’s not going to knock them off their feet.

Note that talking with your audience could be done before your brainstorming session. This would be helpful if you don’t understand your audience’s needs, interests, and wants. If your case of blogger’s block is sever you may need to communicate with your readers and do a brainstorming session several times.

The good news is overcoming a tough dose of bloggers block will help you write one of your best posts. When you take extra time to listen to your readers and brainstorm useful topics you give your readers the perfect gift.

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