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July 6, 2009
Pay-Per-Click Consulting Strategies
August 11, 2009

Pay Per Click Marketing: 3 Fast Benefits

Many of you who are somewhat new to internet marketing, or more specifically Pay Per Click, seem to shy away from pay per click marketing because they don’t completely understand what it’s all about and how it all works. Believe it or not, it’s really not as complicated as it appears at first glance, and offers some quick benefits for new online marketers or their clients.

Measurable Results: PPC marketing is wonderful because it will offer results you can see – quickly. With almost real-life tracking, click data, traffic habits, and performance data in front of you, you can see how your marketing dollars are working, or even if they are. You can see such data as impressions, click-throughs, conversions, actual sales, sales dollars, visitors to specific landing pages, etc.

“Inexpensive” Data: Because you can view results of pay per click marketing in real time, it’s relatively easy to run test campaigns for new products/services. It’s even easy to measure the viability of old products and services and see how they would do.

With this information that is so easy to find, you can trim and/or expand your product and service offerings down to the most profitable keywords. This can save thousands in unnecessary inventory, equipment, and/or labor investment. Over time you’ll be able to identify what keywords are producing your clicks and what you are “wasting” you money on.

Immediate Results: Pay per click marketing, unlike search engine optimization can show you some immediate traffic. You can literally have a campaign up and running in less than 10 minutes time. You write the ad, set the budget or cost per click, direct the link to your landing page – and voila, you’re setup. It’s nice not to have to wait for a TV ad or radio ad to run, a phone book to be distributed, or a billboard to be put up. It’s there.

Simply click; your ad is now being shown to thousands of potential customers.
This time of year, most people or companies aren’t giving too much thought to their marketing campaigns, as they have usually decided where to spend the money in marketing for the year. If you haven’t looked into pay per click advertising, you need to think again. PPC for most people ends up being the competitive edge to grab some of those additional sales. With the holiday season just around the corner, this is not an avenue that is easily ignored.