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June 3, 2009
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June 11, 2009

Pay Per Click vs. Organic Results

Learning to drive a stick shift was a bit of a challenge for me at first, I kept popping the clutch, and squealing tires only to come to an abrupt stop as I stalled the engine. I must admit, I didn””t look cool in my multi colored Chevy sprint, bouncing down the road (not because of Hydrolics), in fact I don’t look cool now (in my Hyundai Elantra station wagon), but unlike when I was 17, I can beat all those kids with the “cool cars” off the line every time, simply because I know how to use my resources to there full. So what does this diatribe into my past have to do with PPC, and Organic Results? Driving a stick shift, you learn that there is a fine balance between using the clutch and the gas. It can be best visualized as a teeter totter, when one goes down, the other goes up. In this case, however we have full control over PPC (imagine it as your gas pedal), and only sliding control over organic results (imagine it as your clutch). A new business can benefit incredibly from a well run PPC Campaign, but the moment that PPC Campaign stops, the business can come to an abrupt stop, unless there has been good organic search traffic building during that time. Now I am not saying that PPC Campaigns, can’t be run indefinitely, however, in the long term, most business will see more benefit from good Search Engine Optimization, as they use PPC, as an immediate boost.

This is where PPC Management comes into play. With PPC you are paying for every single click, every single visitor has a direct cost to you, and while this cost can be managed, it should also be capitalized on. There are some simple strategies that anyone can implement, like making sure that your keywords are relevant, and pertain to your business, setting a monthly budget, or choosing products to feature but there are also more advanced methods, like keyword budget management, placement strategies (is it critical to be number one), conversion tracking, and landing page optimization. PPC Management, isn’t rocket science, but like, learning to drive a car, it takes time, patience and practice. Many businesses don””t have the time, patience or practice to just jump into an effective campaign, and so hiring a company with the experience and know-how can be a great boost to their bottom line. Just like my 90 horse power (if even that) Hyundai Elantra wagon, beating some punk kid and his brand new Mustang off the line, experience can make all the difference in PPC Management.