Managing your own Pay-Per-Click Campaign (Part 2)
October 27, 2008
Advanced Page Rank Manipulation (Part I)
November 5, 2008 removed from Google index after YOUmozzer exposes link network

I got a call this morning from a client that had been extremely distraught last week about a negative review posted on, saying that as of this morning the review is nowhere to be found in Google. When he called us about the review last week, it was in position #3.

We checked it out, and not only is that negative review gone, but has been dropped out of the index completely, along with nearly 200 other domains that were part of a link network that YOUmozzer “Chris1” exposed on the 22nd.

Chris1, an SEOmoz blogger, did some great research and quickly got the attention of Google, getting this site, and the others removed from the Google index completely. Hopefully Yahoo and Bing will follow suit quickly.