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How Bing Has Google AdWords Beat

By Rachel Anderson
We’re all very familiar with the fact that Google completely dominates search volume but recent studies comparing Google to the Yahoo! Bing network make it clear we are not doing ourselves any favors by ignoring Bing.

Here are just a few reasons to start taking Bing seriously:

Less Cost Per Click

Google leads out in impressions and click-through rates but AdGooroo’s recent study, Yahoo! Bing PPC Performance Metrics report, reveals that Bing takes the cake in cost per click. The report states that “…the Yahoo! Bing Network was found to have costs-per-click that were 1-3 times lower than AdWords, as well as brand impressions that were 76 to 90 percent less expensive on average than AdWords. “

Here’s a breakdown of Google verses Bing cost per click across 6 industries.

AdWords Yahoo! Bing
Shopping & Classified $0.72 $0.44
Financial Services $2.88 $1.98
Travel $0.83 $0.64
Education $3.51 $2.07
Computer & Internet $1.08 $0.40
Business $1.98 $0.91


Less Competition

Just about everyone who advertises online advertises with Google so high competition is no surprise. However, on Bing it’s quite the opposite scenario. AdGooroo’s study found there to be 36 percent fewer advertisers on Bing making it much easier to take advantage of a top position.

More Targeted Market

Right now Bing users tend to be 40+ years old, living in single or double person households with moderate income. If your target market aligns with older, more stable searchers, Bing might be a better fit than the one-size-fits-all Google platform.

The brand bias toward Google is real, especially among the younger generations, and Bing is working hard to overcome it. Bing’s Bing-It-On campaign is helping prove to the Internet savvy generations that their search results may actually be better than Google’s. As it does this it will be important to keep up with the shift in search volume and also demographics of each search engine.

The Wrap Up

While I wouldn’t advise ditching Google AdWords altogether for Bing, if you’re looking to expand your market and traffic at a low cost per click and conversion, get on Bing! For cheaper, possibly more qualified traffic and lower cost per conversions it’s worth a shot. The nice thing about PPC is if you’re not happy with the results, all you have to do is hit pause.

Rachel Anderson is a Pay Per Click Advertising Strategist at Off the job she enjoys photography, good food, being outside, and spending time with her husband. Share your thoughts with Rachel on Twitter @gladygirl, Google+ or Facebook- she’d love to hear from you!