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March 30, 2019
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A Primer on Working With Digital Marketing Agencies


You are interested with working with a digital marketing agency like Netmark, but don’t know the first thing about what digital marketing agencies do in the first place. This lack of knowledge can make things a little overwhelming, or even intimidating at first.

But the fact of the matter is if you work with someone as experienced as Netmark, you are in good hands because of the wealth of knowledge and experience that will be used to make your project come to life in the best possible way.

Every worthy business deserves a leg up or two in the sphere of digital marketing, and if you want the shortest possible path to success, you work with an agency with a proven track record. Until then, you would best be more familiar with the various processes involved in marketing a new website, or a set of products or services on the Web.

The value of SEO

Digital marketing agencies will usually present to you data that will reveal what it takes to successfully market any product or service online. The types of data include:

1. Return of investment (ROI) model – This will highlight the different changes that will take place on-page and off-page, and the short term and long term advantages that these will bring to your operations. Expect that in the beginning, things will start out slowly as the agency will be preoccupied mainly with studying the market environment and how to best position your business. SEO, particularly, requires a little time to lay down, so be patient.

2. Paid search – The only way that paid search will truly make sense is if your agency shows you existing data that will reveal how much paid search really costs. Like other aspects of digital marketing, paid search sounds like voodoo and black magic in the beginning and it’s alright not to know everything from the get-go. What is more important is that as a digital marketer yourself, you are willing to learn the ropes so you can level your expectations about results and costs.

Conversion data is the collection of data available to digital marketing agencies that will allow them to use keywords that have lots of conversion potential. In addition to internal site search, a digital marketing agency wills likely use paid tools to aggregate keyword research and identify likely keywords that are highly viable for paid campaigns. The research is different for each niche and again, it takes time to create a definitive list. And in terms of results – there really is a need to do a test campaign to make use of available keyword data. Otherwise, at this point it’s all conjecturing.

3. Reporting – This will come later when after you have hired a digital marketing agency say, to help you with PPC campaigns. The performance of any campaign will be based on different factors that your agency will have control of. Studying this data will allow both the agency and the client to improve the elements and get more bang for each buck.

Pre-campaign reporting also involves making projections and estimates based on the cost to buy keywords for paid campaigns. The more competitive and in demand a keyword is, the more costly it will be – but the ROI will be much higher if you play your cards right. Your digital marketing agency will help you decide which segment is viable to pursue with the budget that you have. We can break down the competitiveness and cost of keywords based on their demand and market share: marginal share, moderate share, and substantial share. Keywords with marginal share will go for less, and those in the substantial share segment (which accounts for 30% or more of viable paid search keywords) will cost more. This is not to scare you or anything, but to give you a heads up on the reality of paid search campaigns.

If the projected ROI and gains from pursuing paid search is much higher than the cost of paying for these keywords, then it’s obvious that you must pursue because it makes perfect business sense.

4. Test budget – A test budget is what you will be giving the digital marketing agency for the initial sojourn into PPC and other advertising channels. The purpose of this test drive, if you will, is to reveal how sharp the agency is in getting results, even if they don’t have a full-blown budget at their disposal yet. You will learn a lot from the initial report that you will get from the first test campaign.

5. Checking the competition – Studying the competition is as natural as breathing when you are a digital marketer, and what you want to see is what your competition is doing correctly so you can try that, too. It’s also possible to learn what to avoid when you study the competition.

6. Creating a model for success – The point of any campaign or SEO effort is to win in the niche of your choosing. That’s really it. But what “win” means will depend on your specific goals. For example, let’s say that your primary goal is to sell a lot of yoyos. Obviously, just driving organic traffic to your website is not your ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal is to sell yoyos. The digital marketing agency will keep this in mind as it designs the ROI model for your website.

There will be incremental changes over time, as well as projections. Much of the effort here is identifying valid and high value keywords that work hard to bring you the success that you want. This does not happen overnight – there will be adjustments as you go along, but the more important thing here is you can make the changes happen quickly, and test your theories in a matter of hours.

Close attention to even the smallest details that affect the profitability of your website is necessary in both the short term and long term, because you definitely do not want to keep doing the same things over and over if they are not working.