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April 15, 2009
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Recent Discussion with SEOmoz.org


Our firm is definitely not the all knowing, super SEO firm, get your rankings up in a heartbeat anytime for any keyword firm. Netmark Essentials does, however, perform like one.

Like many of the better known search engine marketing firms out there – we are involved in the SEO community – frequently. We like to take the time to pick the brains of some of the smarter and most innovative minds in the SEO world. Because of the fact that we share experiences and results, as well as learn from mistakes of other firms and glean information from them – we feel that we stay much more abreast of the latest strategies in the SEO technical world.

Because of the fact that we share experiences and results, as well as learn from mistakes of other firms and glean information from them – we feel that we stay much more abreast of the latest strategies in the SEO technical world.

Often we have some great correspondence with some of the more well known SEO firms out there. Lately we’ve had some questions from some of our excellent clients who want to know more about the domain and how it can affect SEO. Below is a part of a conversation we had with SEOmoz lately.

Netmark: I have a two part 301 redirecting question. If we have a website with existing rankings, and want to change the domain name. I know that 301 redirecting to the new domain we will pass some of the link juice to the new domain, but will it be able to preserve the existing ranking for the original domain? SECOND: Is there any benefit to purchasing some domains just for the anchor text, then immediately 301 redirecting it to another site?

For example… Say I want to rank #1 for the keyword “Idaho Falls Dentist”, if I just buy the domain www.idahofallsdentist.com, then immediately redirect it to my other domain www.madisondentistblahblah.com, is it possible that I can start tanking for Idaho Falls Dentist just from the redirect?

SEOmoz: The 301 won’t exactly “preserve” the existing ranking from the original domain, but it will help the rankings of the new domain. For example… If domain #1 ranked in the 3rd position for “red widgets”, 301 redirecting that domain to domain #2 doesn’t necessarily mean that domain #2 will now rank for “red widgets” in place of domain #1.

You should get somewhat of a boost due to the links that were pointing to domain #1 now being redirected to domain #2.

Secondly, purchasing a domain with keywords in the URL and redirecting to your existing domain will help boost the existing domain’s rankings – if- keyword-rich links were pointing to the original domain. For example… If www.idahofallsdentist.com had links pointing to it with “idaho falls dentist” as the anchor text and these links all now point to www.madisondentistblahblah.com, the site should improve its ranking for “Idaho Falls Dentist” based on those links and their anchor text.

If, however, you register a brand new domain and immediately point it to your existing domain, there will be little to no benefite without any links pointing to the new domain (for discover-ability). You may get some traffic from people who happen to randomly type in “www.idahofallsdentist.com”, but if there were no links pointing to the domain that transfer to the new domain, any benefit that you’ll receive is minimal at best.

Netmark: Thanks for your response. Just to clarify… What if I buy a new domain, for example… www.idahofallsdentist.com, and point it to the main website www.blahblah.com, then start building keyword-rich links (Idaho Falls Dentist) to www.idahofallsdentist.com, would www.idahofallsdentist.com eventually rank, or is it still pointless without links prior to the domain purchase/redirect?

SEOmoz: Your new domain will reap the benefits of any links you build to www.idahofallsdentist.com. I don’t think you can get the www.idahofallsdentist.com domain to rank since there was never any unique pages on that domain to spider or index. Your links built for www.idahofallsdentist.com will count for the domain the redirecting is pointing to.

You can expect to see more of these discussions in the future. We don’t mind showing our questions and the answers. This is an area of our website that we hope people can learn and try things out on their own. If you need some help in the SEO world – we are always just an email or phone call away. Contact us for any questions you may have – we are happy to help.

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