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February 19, 2013
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February 22, 2013

SEO Quotes: Pricing and Packaging

By Jerrod Wertman

Finding the Best SEO Company

If you’ve just been assigned by your employer to shop and find the best SEO company, then slick, attractively packaged products with ironclad guarantees make your job easier, right?  Maybe.  Be cautious of vendors or companies who just want to sell you a package instead of actually figuring out what it is you need.  Are you a cookie-cutter company with cookie-cutter products and services?  If so, then that’s just fine.  But if you’re not, why would you go and buy SEO-in-a-box?  Why would you limit yourself and your results?

Someone looking for promises or guaranteed ROI is almost asking to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous SEO snake-oil salesmen.  They’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear to make the sale.

There are money-back guarantees, and there are packages of all shapes and sizes, from the affordable to the extreme.  Predicting the weather is an excellent metaphor here.  Can you guarantee what the weather will be like in Houston, TX, on July 24th? Sure, you could try, and there’s a good chance it’ll be sunny, but what if it rains?  What if there’s a windstorm?  Are you going to try and factor that in?  No matter how much you want a sunny July 24th, you can’t make ANYONE guarantee the weather, because it can’t be done.

Anyone saying they “guarantee” results has no control over whether a Google Algorithm change completely destroys your ranking and web traffic, or whether there is a reputation-damaging article published, bad review, etc., after you’ve become their client.

With Best Practices SEO, you do your best, and hope for the best.  Don’t worry about or plan your business model around what you can’t control.  You figure out which activities will be best in your specific industry, and will lead to conversions, and strong bottom-line dollar figures.  Find someone who “guarantees” they’ll do that, and you’ve found a winner.

Don’t Bet on Canned Products or Cheesy Guarantees

Expect to get what you pay for.  Remember the tried-and-true saying from Benjamin Franklin: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” Netmark has no problem giving prices on our services for an SEO quote, once we know the company, goals, and what it is they actually need! Netmark genuinely cares about our clients’ success, and just want to help.  Asking for an SEO quote before consulting with Netmark is like going to a doctor and telling them to write a prescription before examination and a proper diagnosis!  Giving SEO quotes without any consultation is like giving a mixed bag of prescription medication, telling the patient to pick what they think they need, and then billing for it!

Sure, Netmark could just list pricing and packages, but then may only be treating symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problems that are keeping a website from getting more business.  If Netmark were a doctor we’d probably be sued for malpractice!  But everyone thinks it’s normal to do just that in the SEO world.  Again, the reason we’re number one is because our clients make more money and get more business.  We do things right the first time.

Everybody is ready to sell you something to make a quick buck off of people looking for quick resultsIf your business is just looking for a low price and a cookie cutter package, then Netmark is the wrong choice for your company.  If a company really wants intelligent strategic consultation, and wants to move to the top of their industry, then we should talk.

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