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December 19, 2009
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August 31, 2010

Simple Information to Rank Better and Rank Better Organically

Many people have questions about how to rank better and to rank better organically, and it’s quite a complex question even though it may not seem like it. Google, as of just recently, has made major changes to its organic rankings algorithm with what they call real time search results. As everyone knows, you need to make sure that you follow the very best white hat SEO practices when working on your website SEO or search engine optimization. One might find this information from a number of different sources such as Netmark,, or even out on Google.

So let’s get to some of the guts of this topic and lets go over some basic things that you can do to rank better and rank better organically. Some simple things to check out… make sure that the HTML coding on your website is correct and simplified. This means that you do not have extra lines of unnecessary code in order to accomplish the same task. Also you want to make sure your content is as close to the top of the (while looking at the source code) page as possible even if you have to put the information in a div and help it reach the top via HTML code. Why should this matter? Well it makes a big difference because the search engines will index a page from top to bottom and from left to right. When you have your index able content as close to the top of the page the search engines will see this and know that you do have some idea of what your doing when it comes to design. Keep in mind that one factor that we’ve determined to help is the content to code ratio. The higher percent of content you have to coding… the more simple your website will be to index. This means bonus points for the search engines.

Another thing to remember is that “Content is King”. That means the more content you have on your site and the more pages you have, gives you better changes of ranking better and ranking better organically. If you ask some of the best SEO marketing firms in the country (high end SEO), they will not even decide to take on a project that has less than 50 pages of content. The reason for that is because the search engines love content. Content equals relevance. Relevance is good especially because the search engines can determine that what content you have and if it’s the most relevant to the search terms being searched for. Here is a big warning though. When you put up content on your website make sure that it is original. Don’t go and copy content off another site and put it up on your site, or you can get penalized for duplicate content and that page will not matter much to the search engines. If you want to put up a new page of content, make sure it is something original and new.

A good way to rank better and rank better organically is to put up a blog on your website. Let me share some cool statistics put out by Google about blog posting just this week.

• There are 900,000 blog posts written every day around the world.
• This means there are over 37,500 written every hour
• This means there are over 625 blog posts written every minute.

Now what should this mean to you? This is one form (of many) called social media marketing. Essentially you are trying to get content and other attention to your website, away from your website. What blogging really can help you achieve is more along the lines of brand awareness and activity that points to your website. Even with the short little blurb at the end that talks about blogging… my point is to point out a few more items that you can do that will help your website rank better organically.

Simple Information to Rank Better and Rank Better Organically