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October 28, 2015
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November 4, 2015

Our Top 10 Favorite Business Scopers

Show Notes:

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Our Favorite Business Scopers:

  1. Caleb Maddix- @CalebMaddix is a 13 year old motivation and inspiration scopes, he is an author and very motivating. He broadcasts everyday.
  2. Tai Cruz- @Tailopez Reads a book a day, is a former Tedex speaker and delivers a ton of value to people who are entrepreneurially minded.
  3. Shawn Thomas- @askashawnthomas He is a millionaire and each day answers questions about making money as a business owner and he also has a tremendous following.
  4. Sweet Tea Social- @heatherheuman She does a similar but often more technical scope than ours helping small businesses do social media.
  5. Michael Cheney- @michaelcheney He is an internet millionaire and does a scope called, “Scope for Cash” he teaches valuable tips on how to use periscope and the internet to make money. He also tries to sell you on his Periscope cameras and mikes.


Other Favorite scopers:

  1. The Scope Man- @thescopeman He is passionate about helping people and helping people promote their scopes. Almost like a Periscope directory.
  2. Sian Greenwood- @siangreenwood She shares steps for living a happier healthier life particularly by sharing her 8 days of 3 challenge.
  3. Rick, The Caribbean Blogger: He is a blind blogger who scopes in the Caribbean about different life topics anyway from business to life philosophy.
  4. Mandaaa- @mandaaaa- ” I Pretty much scope about my dog “
  5. Charlie Cottrell- @1lovin_life is a college life scoper and an entrepreneur.

Additional Videos:

Ted talk by Simon Sniek author of, “Start with why” talk


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