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April 1, 2013
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April 8, 2013

So Your Website Has Been Hacked, Now What?

At Netmark, it is our passion to help clients be successful. Unfortunately at times, that success can be sidetracked or delayed (temporarily) when a client’s website falls victim to a hacker. I have had countless conversations with clients explaining the details and logistics behind a hack: how it occurs, why did it happen to them, who can they blame (or even send the bill)…the list goes on. I had even contemplated putting together a resources page outlining the process to recovery.

Fortunately, for all of our benefit, Google has stepped up to the plate and provided additional resources to assist in recovering from a website hack. The Google Webmasters help for hacked sites page identifies an 8-steps course of action to help you restore control of your website, get rid of the Google warning stating “This site may harm your computer,” and restore the confidence of your visitors.

The 8 steps Google identifies are as follows:

  1. Watch the overview (showcased below)
  2. Contact your website’s hosting company and build a support team
  3. Quarantine your site
  4. Touch base with Webmaster Tools
  5. Assess the damage (hacked with spam) or (hacked with malware)
  6. Identify the vulnerability
  7. Clean and maintain your site
  8. Request a review

At Netmark, we are knowledgeable and willing to assist and resolve the problems associated with hacked websites, but just be aware that it’s no simple task.