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October 10, 2013
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Social Media Ranking Factors

By Rick Skidmore

Are you looking for a specific page to rank? Maybe you need your domain in general to increase rankings. To get on the first page, you can view Netmark’s Correlation study to learn what it takes to get there. Notice the many different techniques and tasks need to be performed in order to accomplish good rankings. The latest correlation studies show that PageRank is the number one factor for rankings. The next rising metric is using Google+.

Domain Social Media Ranking Factors

Through Netmark’s Correlation study, we found that there are many factors in rankings a domain. The top of these metrics that were consistent among other top ranking sites consisted of:


  1. Facebook Shares
  2. Facebook Likes
  3. Facebook Comments
  4. Tweets
  5. Google +1s
  6. Delicious Bookmarks


Page Social Media Ranking Factors

If you are looking to increase the rank for a specific page use these social media metrics to improve rankings. The top page ranking metrics from over hundreds of sites tested have indicated that these social metrics were utilized.SocialRankingCorrelation

  1. Facebook Shares
  2. Facebook Likes
  3. Facebook Comments
  4. Tweets
  5. Google +1s
  6. Delicious Bookmarks
  7. Linkedin Shares
  8. Stumbles


Applying these social media metrics alone will not improve your SEO efforts, but using them in conjunction with your on-page, off-page, and linkbuilding practices will help launch your rankings up in the Google search results.

Whether you are starting your social media or adjusting your strategy, share the work load in getting social media activity. Assign the social media to one employee, but have a team that can make posts and reply to comments when needed. It is helpful to create a social media schedule of how often and when you will make posts. Make sure your social media department is in the “know” with the marketing, R&D, and production departments to post exciting news.

Social media posts don’t always have to be about you. Post fun engaging content that will get readers to respond. Include pictures and short videos to help increase your user engagement. Be creative with different types of posts. Here are a few

  • Images
    • wordclouds
    • infographics
    • memes – picture with words
  • Text
    • Educational
    • Questions
    • Giving Choices
    • Quotes
    • Tips
    • Fill-in-the-blanks
    • Testimonials
  • Video
    • Vines
    • Testimonials
    • How To’s
    • Tutorials
    • Random around the work place (appropriate for your target)
    • Product or Service Reviews
  • Other People’s Posts and Content
  • Websites and Blog Posts
  • Podcasts
  • Products or Services – include the URL

It is easy to get caught up in the goal of just creating posts and forget to focus on user engagement. It is difficult to know what will gain user engagement or what could possibly go viral without testing out your clients and different types of posts. So let your creativity flow and track your user engagement to see what drives your clientele.


About the Author

Rick is a marketing strategist at Netmark. He has been in marketing since 2009 with a background in construction marketing, food marketing, and event marketing. Rick Graduated with his BS in Business Management and Marketing. His business skills allow him to be both analytical and creative in both business and marketing. Rick has an entrepreneur heart who enjoys working with others.