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March 12, 2015
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Social Posting: The New Ad Writing

Written by Emily Topham, Internet Marketing Intern on March 17, 2015

There are so many opportunities to advertise for your company today with all of the social media platforms available. Unfortunately, some companies are missing their chances because they don’t use their social media profiles correctly. Social postings are another tool that businesses can use to optimize their non-promotional marketing efforts.

Steal the Attention

Everyone is on social media. We all spend time on our preferred sites everyday. This is a great reason for companies to start using these sites to brand themselves. Social media is casual and not overly pushy. People will pay more attention to your informal post than your sales-y infomercial-type posts. In a way, this is like stealing their attention. Social media users are already willing and ready to give away their focus to what they find in their feed, so take advantage of it.

Look Beyond the Norm

This age of new inventions and quick communication is all about breaking the limits and using technology in unconventional ways. Social media advertising can get the viewers (and potential customers) more involved in the marketing experience. No more are the days where a billboard or an ad in a magazine or on TV are bringing in the big customers. That’s just not how people are spending their time. Today, people are streaming Netflix and scrolling on Facebook; therefore, social media is a great way to reach out to your younger clientele. When you use your social media profiles to create contests, offer deals or suggest tips, you are creating a situation where prospective and current clients interact with your company and witness firsthand what you can do for them.

Make Crucial Connections


Not only is posting for your company free and easy, but it’s also effective. Your audience is wider and more directly impacted when using social media; it bridges that gap between your many types of clients. In your personal life, you use social media sites such as Facebook to connect with acquaintances. In your business, you can connect with people in the same way. It’s a simple way to leave a lasting impact on potential customers.

With each post you write, it is important to think about how many future clients could be reading your content. When you push your content and promote your company in a non-threatening way, you are doing the cheapest and least time-consuming ad writing you have ever done. It’s time to start looking at your social posting with a marketing eye.