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January 7, 2014
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January 21, 2014

Spice Up Those Posts

There are way too many blog posts that are boring. I’m here to show you what I have learned about spicing up those dry posts with added content.

Animated GIFs

  • They can’t be too long or else they will take a long time to load
  • They should be something safe for work
  • Try to keep it relative to the topic (These pencils however, are not relevant)


  • It should be informative
  • Don’t make it too long because to educate, readers need to actually finish reading the inforgraphic



  • Keep it short, like under a minute or else the reader will forget about reading the rest of the article
  • High quality is preferred but not necessary
  • Embed the video on the site to avoid them getting lost in Youtube

Written Content Paired With Images

  • Needs to be written well
  • It should be relevant, creative, and informative
  • Pair with illustrations or high quality pictures

Again, I’m going to break my own rule here and stop your boredom by posting a picture of a kitty!


And always leave the reader with a call to action or an invitation. Like this… Which is better, cats or dogs?

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