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June 12, 2019

Start Boosting Web Conversions Today


How do the top SEO and Web developments really do it? How do the pros work with business owners to generate conversions and ROI for the owners despite seemingly daunting statistics and competition?

Today’s blog post is all about the essential backbone of strategic SEO that companies like Netmark use to get ahead of the competition. If you have ever wanted to know how the experts do it, today’s post will afford you a glimpse into the technical world of search engine optimization.

Why Analytics Always Matters

Every website should have analytics installed, because the best decisions are made with the use of actual data. With no data, you are most likely shooting in the dark, or at the very least, missing out on maximizing ROI for your campaigns precisely because you don’t know what is really working/what’s not.

Conversion optimization begins with knowing the real deal behind a website: the kind of traffic that you are getting, where the traffic is coming from, how long people are staying on your website, what they do on the website once they reach it, etc.

There are actually so many factors that you need to dive into and measure that all you can truly rely on are the latest statistical reports about your website.

Understanding KPIs

KPIs or key performance indicators are like the hurdles that your website has to overcome in order to get ahead in the game. Usually, SEO and Web development companies focus on major KPIs like dwell time, bounce rate, number of opt-ins and landing page-conversions.

There is a need to measure how your website is doing vis-à-vis your business’ actual goals. For example, selling 500 units of a product is a goal. So you redesign your landing page, improve the copy, get new product photos, and then you run paid placements on Google.

To make sense if any of these are actually working, you refer back to – you guessed it right – KPIs. If people are bouncing faster than ping pong balls when they see your landing page, that is definitely a problem. So by looking at the statistics, you have something concrete to base your next decision on.

Ease of Conversion

Any website should provide easy ways to actually convert traffic to sales, or leads. If you are selling physical products, the checkout process is the most vital of all. It has to be easy to buy and have goods shipped, and the overall layout of the website needs to be on point to encourage people to make a purchase and not abandon their carts.

Post-abandoned cart, there should also be a system to remind registered customers to continue their purchase via email. Statistics show that people do come back to finish their purchases even after they’ve closed the window prior to actually checking out.

Saving those abandoned carts might earn your business a lot more in the long term if you can perfect the process. Companies like Netmark can work with your business in redesigning your website’s shopping cart system and landing pages to ensure better conversions in the short term and the long term.