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November 19, 2013
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November 22, 2013

The A-List of “Be’s” to Improve Your Twitter Feed

Just like in the real world, practice makes perfect in the twitter-sphere. Start following this short list of helpful habits for your Twitter feed and see improvements right away.

Be Responsive

This is a simple practice that when used, can result in some very happy followers. I say this is a great thing to start early on in your Twitter career because learning to do this with 1000’s of followers will seem like a daunting task. Part of being responsive is acting fast to keep your followers happy. Without spoiling points I’ll cover later, this can be anything from thanking people, responding to help questions, or even offering your opinion on a conversation that is currently taking place. Learning to do this as your account accrues readers will provide you with a more steady learning curve and it will not be so bad taking time out of your day to say thanks or holla’ back to tweets… which brings me onto my next point.


Be Thankful

The most fun accounts to follow on Twitter are the ones that will reach out into their community and thank their followers. It simply makes you feel special when a tweet is written just for you or a group you are a part of. This can be a blanket statement like, “Thanks everyone for being the best fans” or this can be a personal shout-out to a fan that goes above and beyond the twitter call of duty.

One company that does this on a daily basis is Razer. Check out how they take Wayne H. and give him the warm and fuzzy feeling by singling out his photo of their product.




Be Active

I would like to add a little onto the end of this statement before moving forward… “Be active on Twitter even if you have nothing to advertise.” It’s easy from a business’s standpoint to see Twitter as only an advertising tool. Not all advertising happens in the ads. Sometimes the best advertising happens through daily interaction on Twitter.

Here we see a post by Larry Hryb, the community director for Microsoft’s Xbox. Even though he is not really advertising the Xbox, he is still posting to let people know what is going on in his life personally. This is a great example of being active.


To be active on Twitter only when advertising a promotion or new product will result in failure to generate a real fan base. And these real fans are the ones who you want. They will advertise the company for you and even defend you in a Twitter attack.


Be Accurate

What happens when you assume? Ass u me… this is no different on Twitter. There is no faster way to become an unreliable source than to use incorrect spelling or incorrect data. When you have only 140 characters, you better get your facts straight. Don’t be afraid to do some digging to get the accurate facts. You will be glad in the long run when you are not catching flak for an incorrect report. And be sure to spell correctly! Reading a mispeled word really hurts the flow of a tweet… #irony


Be Alert

If there is a problem with your product or service people will appreciate a minor update letting them know you are working to resolve the issues. This is an easy way to avoid catching flak for something you are already aware of. Along these same lines be sure to use Twitter as a help line. If someone posts an issue to your Twitter feed, swiftly answer it as best as you can. Feel free to direct them to a help page, FAQs site, or simply respond with a “Thank you for your concern. We are currently working to resolve this issue.” This will restore faith in an otherwise wavering follower.


Be Fun

All of us can afford to use part of our time on Twitter to be fun. Twitter is social media and social media can be both useful and fun. Remember that the tone of Twitter is not that of a boardroom. Your communication can be fun and informative on Twitter. Be a happy tweeter! People prefer to be around happy people. The same goes for people reading Twitter feeds.


Just reading this headline made me smile even though I had not yet read the article. It is fun and informative and that is the easiest way to stay in peoples Twitter feeds.


In Summary

This is just what I have found in my short existence on Twitter to be the most helpful habits. If there is something you found to be a best practice please share!

By Adam Figgat